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Penn State DuBois
College Place
DuBois, PA 15801

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Penn State DuBois
College Place
DuBois, PA 15801

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Penn State DuBois, located in the north central Pennsylvania city of DuBois.

Since opening our doors in 1935, thousands of degree-seeking individuals have received a world-class education delivered in a friendly, small campus setting. Solid ties to business, industry, and the community help enhance the strong academics of the Penn State DuBois experience, creating a well-rounded foundation for lifelong learning. 

Today, Penn State DuBois continues to prepare leaders for the twenty-first century through a continuing tradition of cutting-edge technology, faculty expertise, and dedication to excellence.


DEF Building

DuBois Educational Foundation 2011


James M. Baker, DuBois, President
George A. Heigel, DuBois, Vice-President
Robert G. Johnson, DuBois, Secretary
Richard W. Ogden, Clearfield, Treasurer


Jackie Allen, DuBois
Jeff Azzato,St. Marys
Benjamin S. Blakley, III, DuBois
Jay Chamberlin, Brookville
John W. Dippold, III, St. Marys
Daniel Fishbone, Clearfield
Susan M. Grady, DuBois
Robert Grieve, DuBois
Susan N. Hartman, DuBois
Anita D. McDonald, DuBois
Greg Monaco, DuBois
Edward S. Nasuti, DuBois
Gregory Reese, DuBois
Jill Salter, St. Marys
David Trinkley, DuBois 
Gregory J. Volpe, Falls Creek
Kathleen Wise, Punxsutawney
Carrie Wood, Curwensville

Directors Emeritus:

Paul "Bud" Brazinski, Ridgway 
Edwin H. Brubaker, Rockton
Forrest L. Brubaker, DuBois
D. Edward Chaplin, DuBois
Douglas R. Dobson, Ridgway
Elizabeth (Libby) Gray, DuBois 
J. David Quinn, St. Marys
Jacqueline L. Schoch, DuBois
William H. Shenkle, DuBois