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Build Experience NOW

  • Participate in Extracurricular/Volunteer Activities
  • Seek Part-Time/Summer Jobs
  • Take a Class or Conduct Research

Participate in Extracurricular/Volunteer Activities

  • Join student organizations to meet people, get involved and develop leadership and other skills
  • Seek opportunities for leadership within an organization (i.e. become an officer or take on a position that demands responsibility)
  • Volunteer on campus or in the community.  For volunteer opportunites, contact Marly Doty at mag374@psu.edu

Seek Part-time/Summer Jobs

  • Your seemingly unrelated summer/part-time job will help you develop additional skills that can carry over into your professional future.
    •  Example: Being a food server will teach you patience, customer service, efficiency, time management and interpersonal skills
  • Consider connecting your summer/part-time work with your academic and career goals
    • Example: If you are interested in publishing, seek employment with a local media outlet
  • Attend the People-to-People Career Fair
  • Check out part-time and summer opportunities
  • Nittany Lion Career Network
  • Watch your email for new opportunities that become available
  • Be proactive and ask employers about summer/part-time work opportunities (don’t wait for something to be advertised)
  • Take a Class or Conduct Research in a Field of Interest

    • Select general education or elective courses that interest you
    • Explore undergraduate research opportunities to work with faculty in a specific academic area or contact a faculty member that you currently have a relationship with to ask about any opportunities with them.

    Seek Internships/Co-ops related to your Field

    • Check with your academic advisor to find out if you will need to complete a for-credit internship.
    • Complete an internship for experience (paid or unpaid). You can find companies that are seeking interns by going here.
    • Consider applying to participate in the PAWS Program.  Find more information here.