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New Student Checklist
  FAFSA on file

 Financial Aid Office - 256 Swift 

Stefanie Penvose
375-4760 sdp14@psu.edu
 You won't receive any financial aid
  Housing Student Affairs – Hiller. Link to off campus housing information Barb Holt
375-4760 bxs281@psu.edu 
You need a place to live. There is an Off Campus Housing list available. 
  Student ID Registrar - 256 Swift

Kim Lumadue, 375-4722 kal24@psu.edu

You can’t get a parking permit, lion cash, check books out of the library, sell back books,  get into the weight room or student life events here or at any other PSU campus, or take advantage of over 150 businesses that offer a discount in the area 
  Access ID IT Services - 249 Swift Justin Fitzpatrick 375-4782 or jlf469@psu.edu You won’t be able to access your e-mail, eLion, ANGEL or any other service provided by the University 
  Semester Bill Finalized eLion/Bursar - 256 Swift. Link to eLion to pay bill or finalize registration  Kathy Matts
375-4712 klm279@psu.edu 
You won’t get credit for classes you’re enrolled in, unable to enroll for future semesters, and lose access to online services (webmail, angel, elion) 
  Academic Advisor Advising Center - 206 DEF Terry Hinton
You won’t be able to schedule and graduate on time
  Schedule Classes  * eLion: To schedule
Link to eLion to register classes
* Registrar - 256 Swift
* Advising Center - 206 DEF:  To find out who your advisor is

Registrar – Garrett Roen 375-4762  gbr5@psu.edu

Advising Center – Terry Hinton 375-4768 tgw1@psu.edu

What’s the point of being here if you haven’t scheduled any classes? Don't schedule without consulting your academic advisor.
  Bought your semester’s books Hiller  Brenda Saricks or
Amy Sprague
375-4750 bss5@psu.edu 
It will be difficult to participate in class without books 
  Completed Online Health History Form Health Services – Hiller. Link to Online Health History Form  Jill Betton
Nurse Jill Betton's email address
A hold will be placed on your account preventing you from scheduling classes, getting grades, graduating, etc. 
  Parking Permit  watch your email for more information or register at Phase 2 orientation Officer Licatovich
375-4734  jfl12@psu.edu
You will get a ticket from the campus or the city 
  Registered for PSU text alerts Link to register for PSU text alerts 

Brian Hart (Swift) 375-4825 bah22@psu.edu  or
John Luchini (Business Services) 375-4710 jbl1@psu.edu


For alerts about campus emergencies and campus closings 
  Completed PSU SAFE and PSU AWARE  Link to complete PSU SAFE and PSU AWARE requirements 


Rachel Urwin (University Park) (814) 863-0461 

The Office of Student Conduct will be informed of students who do not comply with the requirement to complete these programs and will be taken into consideration if you are referred to that office for an alcohol related offense