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Before Faculty Provide Adjustments

  • Student must be identified by the Office for Student Disability Resources as a student with a disability
  • Student must provide a RECENT accommodation letter outlining the accommodations needed
  • Students must fulfill the essential requirements of the course

Sample Accommodation Letter

An accommodation letter is a letter written by OSDR staff. The letter is given to students who are registered with OSDR, considered to be an individual who is covered under the ADA, and are eligible for reasonable classroom accommodations at Penn State University.

This letter will help professors know what accommodations are needed for this student and how to best assist this student in his educational pursuit.

Sample Accommodation Letter:
Date: July 12, 2016
From: Diana L. Kreydt, Disability Resources Coordinator
To: Faculty of Sally Student, PSU ID # 111111111
Re: Classroom Accommodations for Fall 2008


Sally has a documented disability and is registered with the Office for Student Disability Resources (OSDR). She is to receive reasonable accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act, 1973. The Office for Student Disability Resources recommends the following academic accommodations:

  • An Alternate Test Site for All Tests and Quizzes
  • Extended Time for Tests and Quizzes (1 ½ Time)
  • A Reader for Tests and Quizzes
  • Note Taking Assistance
  • Priority Seating in the Front of the Classroom

Sally has been encouraged to discuss the accommodations listed above with you. After the necesary accommodations have been made, Sally should be graded according to the same standards used for other Penn State students. Please address any questions to Diana Kreydt, Office for Student Disability Resources, 244 Swift Building, 372-3037 or e-mail dlk34@psu.edu. ODS welcomes input and questions regarding this process. Thank you for helping to make Penn State DuBois an accessible and equitable place to obtain an education.

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