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  1. The Penn State DuBois Rebate Program will run weekly, except in the summer and during holidays. You may begin participating in the Penn State DuBois Rebate Program at any time; you are not required to be a current Penn State student. Any questions about the Rebate Program should be directed to the Rebate Coordinator, Lisa LaBue at (814) 375-4805 or via e-mail to: lal27@psu.edu ; this program is being sponsored by the DuBois Educational Foundation. The DuBois Educational Foundation is an independently chartered nonprofit corporation, all accounts of the Penn State DuBois Rebate Program are held by the DuBois Educational Foundation.

  2. Family or friends may help you with your rebates by completing a registration form.

  3. Your phone number is your account number, please include this number with all orders. All telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are kept confidential.

  4. Check or Money Orders must be made payable to the Penn State DuBois Rebate Program. These checks are non-tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value. Orders may also be paid online using the "Presto Pay" system of www.shopwithscrip.com.

  5. The rebates earned on your account will be made available after each semester or can also be held in your account to be used at an agreed upon date. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Rebate within thirty days of the statement date.
  6. The Penn State DuBois Rebate Program is being offered to promote the education at Penn State DuBois; therefore, the amount credited to your account may only be used towards tuition payments at the Penn State DuBois Campus without incurring a transfer fee. If the individual who is intended to be benefited from your rebate account is not admitted to Penn State University at its DuBois Campus or ceases to be enrolled at Penn State DuBois for any reason, the Rebate Office should be notified immediately. The balance of the funds in your account can be re-designated in one of the following manners only: a) Credit student account at another Penn State Campus; b) Credited to another family's account; c) Credited to the General Rebate Account; d) Held in your account to be used at an agreed upon date; e) Transferred to the DuBois Educational Foundation; f) Request funds in your account.
    NOTE: If a named account owner has no contact with the Rebate Office for six months or more; any unused funds in such account shall be transferred to the DuBois Educational Foundation.

  7. All completed order forms received by Thursday at 10:30 am to the Rebate Office will be available by the following Wednesday. No late orders are accepted, but can be held for the next order week.  Orders may be entered by using the online system (www.shopwithscrip.com) or may be dropped off at the rebate office where they will be entered by the Rebate Coordinator. If the family elects to not use the online system, the Rebate Coordinator will set up an account, by proxy, using the information provided on the Registration Form. There are no limits to the amount of certificates that can be ordered at one time.
  8. Orders can be mailed to the Rebate office at the following address:  Penn State DuBois Rebate Program, 115 Hiller Building, One College Place, DuBois, PA 15801. Order envelopes must be picked up by the you or your designate with appropriate ID.
  9. These gift certificates are just like cash. Neither Penn State DuBois nor the Penn State Rebate Program Coordinator are responsible for lost or misplaced certificates. Students must show their student ID’s in order to pick up their certificate envelope.

  10. The certificates can be used just like cash or a check at the participating stores. Certificates may have an expiration date varying from six months to two years. Some stores limit the amount of change that can be returned from a certificate purchase.

  11. Anyone writing a N.S.F. check will incur a fee of $20.00 (cash or money order) to be paid to Penn State DuBois Rebate Program. After two N.S.F. checks are tendered on your Rebate account, only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted on your account and no further personal checks will be accepted for the purchase of certificates.


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