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What is Student Life?

At Penn State DuBois, we use the term Student Life to describe the co-curricular experience offered to students at the campus. By co-curricular, we mean the programming that is offered outside of - but is connected to - the formal classroom experience. Student Life consists of areas such as student activities, new student orientation, leadership development, cultural and performing arts, community volunteer opportunities, Student Government, student clubs and organizations, family programming, Athletics, intramurals and recreations sports, special events and more.


Orientation Leaders - Summer 2013

Orientation Leaders - Summer 2013

Why is Student Life Important?

Participation in Student Life programming is valuable for students for several reasons. First of all, it's fun! Hey - fun is good - let's not underestimate having fun! While a student's first priority must be their academic work, we recognize that a large part of the educational process that happens on a university campus involves students lives outside of the classroom. Penn State academics is hard work. You will need time to relax and enjoy the social side of campus life - and that is where Student Life programming comes in.

In addition, your participation in the Student Life of the campus allows for you to learn skills that will be valuable to you throughout your lifetime - both in your work-related or career life as well as your personal life. Students involved in Student Government and/or clubs have an opportunity to develop communications skills and improve their problem-solving and decision making skills; students involved in leadership development programming have an opportunity to develop such skills as how to lead successful meetings, resolve conflicts amicably and discuss the issue of ethical leadership. Students involved in volunteer opportunities and/or athletic competition learn about teamwork and dedication to a task, while ideas such as understanding differences and valuing individuality are thread throughout the Student Life program efforts.

Finally, when the time comes to leave the university and embark on your given career choice, programs such as those offered through Career Series (in conjunction with the office of Student Life) as well as the areas mentioned above will help you to be successful in the career area you have chosen. Business and industry today value employees that can be productive members of work teams, and who bring a broad-based experience to the work place. The skills you can develop through participation in student life programming - in particular the "people-related skills" - should serve you well in the years to come.


New Student Orientation Community Outreach Day - August 23, 2013

New Student Orientation Community Outreach Day Students sitting in bleachers- August 23, 2013

What type of programming is offered?

Student Life programming involves such offerings as:

* Student Activities - specialty programs such as Winterfest, Spring Fling, theme dances, live music/concerts, Earth Day/International Food Festival, Cultural Exchange Luncheon Series, Family Programs, Speaker Series, Campus Movie Series, etc., bringing students together on a regular basis.

* Athletics, Intramurals and Recreational Sports (AIRS) - includes varsity sports (women's volleyball, men's/women's cross country and men's/women's golf), intramural offerings such as flag football, badminton, horseshoes, basketball, volleyball, wiffleball, roller hockey and recreational sports (hiking, field sports, canoeing, etc). The campus also houses Aerobics Fitness and Strength Training Rooms open to currently enrolled students, staff and faculty.

* Leadership Development - programs such as LEAD PSU (Leadership Experience At DuBois) and the Clubs Information Series cover a variety of leadership-based topics for campus students. The Student Government Association represents students concerns and works closely with campus administration to help ensure a high quality experience for all students.

* Student Clubs and Organizations - includes twenty + groups operating on campus yearly...from academically based organizations such as the Human Development and Family Studies club, Delta Mu Sigma Honors and the Business Society to special interest clubs like the Outing club, Blue and White Society and the Service Above Self club.

* New Student Orientation - recognizing that each student transitions to the campus in their own unique way, New Student Orientation programming focuses on orientation as a process rather than an event. New Student Orientation programming, offered for all new students yearly, offers special sessions for all segments of the campus population (traditional aged, adults, high school students enrolled at the campus, etc.) during the summer months as well as during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

* Cultural and Performing Arts Programming - includes a wide variety of events on campus open to both the campus and outside/local community.

* Special offers to Penn State DuBois students - includes programs such as: Movie Ticket Discounts - Buy your Carmike (DuBois) and/or Destinta (Clarion) tickets at a discounted rate;  ID Discount Program  - Save $ at area businesses by using your PSU DuBois ID Card; Newspaper Readership Program - The USA Today, New York Times and the Courier-Express are available daily (Monday - Friday) with your ID Card; The office of Student Life also works with other campus areas in joint programming ventures. Examples would include programming efforts with Career Services and Health and Wellness Services. Student Life at Penn State DuBois - There's something for everyone!