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STEP 1: ASSESS ...NEEDS & INTERESTS 1--Population you are planning for 2--Experienced staff and leaders on campus

STEP 2: DEVELOP A PURPOSE What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish? What need do you want to satisfy? Utilize Assessments from STEP 1. Club--does everyone have the same goal at beginning?

STEP 3: INITIATE PROGRAM --Formulate your program --Have as many ideas as possible BRAINSTORMING --to generate ideas --3 rules

STEP 4: IMPLEMENT PROGRAM --ID dates and locations --Contact resource people early --Scheduling conflicts? --Specific time--date--place --Involve others--DELEGATE!

STEP 5: PUBLICITY --ID who's responsible to advertise the program --ID population you want to reach --What types of publicity are available to you?

STEP 6: FINALIZE PLANS --Check first 5 steps --Publicity out? --Greeters?

STEP 7: AT THE TIME OF THE PROGRAM --Start on time --Give brief intro --Enjoy the program!

STEP 8: EVALUATE --Did it meet needs and interests? Consider: the activity the impact the quality the quantity 3 sources of opinion available/necessary: --Participant --Presenter --Programmer