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A new twist to standard promotional techniques and some ideas you may never thought of. You have a terrific season of programs lined up. You want to bring a crowd in but you're afraid a poster might not be enough.

 Well, have you tried... * During some other programs on campus, preview a film or play a record of the group that will be playing on campus. * Use buttons to advertise a program or series. Sell buttons as tickets and admission to an event. Sell weeks in advance to expose the event on campus. * Create a core group of individuals who have information about the project who will then speak to campus groups. This immediate contact in which questions can be answered is more time consuming, but often the most productive, i.e., recruiting for volunteer programs. * Print up colorful bookmarks with advertising about a service available (tutoring) or a series (concerts or films). * Make table leafs of advertising to place in cafeterias and lounges around campus. * Classroom blackboards can be used to advertise upcoming events. * contact bookstores to have displays of records or books by individuals coming to campus to speak or perform. * The campus newspaper can be one of your forms of advertising both from ads that you purchase and also feature coverage about upcoming attractions. It is important to develop a good working relationship with the newspaper staff. Possible incentives may be in the form of a few well-placed free tickets for events you would like reviewed. * Use creative videotape commercials played around the clock on monitors. Put large signs and banners on automobiles and park them in prime locations in parking lots on campus. Use a bedsheet to cover a car! Have an art student do a large chalk poster on a sidewalk at a prime time in the day so that there can be an interchange visually and also between the artist and interested students. Or have a chalk-in for everyone - just provided free chalk - be sure it can be easily removed. * Create satellite ticket booths around campus. More than just the Union! * Involve committee members or theatre arts students by having them "in costume" passing out information about the event/ Or ask to use their costumes (be sure to clean them when done so you can so it again). * Paste contact paper footprints on the sidewalks with information on the specific event or place the footprints in such a manner that they lead to the event area itself. You could have these printed up as you would bumper stickers and stick them on the sidewalks. These could also be chalked on the sidewalk. Be sure the chalk is easily removed with water. Test it before you start. * Use display cases to publicize a program or series of programs. * Realizing that some posters will become wall decorations in student apartments, make the rounds several times before the event to hang and re-hang posters to encore adequate exposure of publicity. * Contact your machine vendors and staple some free tickets to some packets of potato chips and have them distributed throughout the campus. This creates interest and talk, and you get a news story out of it. * Set up a tape recorded of record player in a specific area and play upcoming work of an artist who will be appearing on your campus soon. Also include and appropriate display while records are being played. * Have a lucky ticket drawing at major athletic events. Give out tickets to future games or concerts in conjunction with half-time activities. * Use sandwich boards to publicize the events. Hang them on people who will walk around the campus. * Make the event publicity a living thing that carries through the theme of the event, such as people in costume parading through campus prior to a Renaissance Fair. * Be sure to leaflet all lines on campus. Registration lines, food lines, theatre ticket lines, lines to get into the bookstore, and lines to get into lines. * Men/Ladies room journal. A weekly newsletter containing information about upcoming campus events that is placed on the back of mens/ladies restroom doors. * Be sure to advertise through on and off campus housing in the restrooms especially if there are communal restrooms in the lounges. Check with housing officials before posting. * Co-sponsor programs with other campus groups as this will enable you to make use of the other group's manpower and will increase the possibilities of greater dissemination of information for your specific event. * For a specific event such as Culture Week, ask the food service to feature a specific kind of food item to publicize your event. * Pocket calendar - have a calendar of upcoming events printed on cards with the academic year calendar printed on the other side. The event side would include categories such as athletics, cultural events, films and concerts. * Set up a call-in taped calendar. Publicize a phone number that could be called night or day containing a recorded message of current events, times, where to get tickets, etc. This tape would be changed as events change and would provide a great service to the community. * Inserts in campus newspapers and local newspapers. Season subscription announcements or campus big event announcements could be printed on newspaper stock and inserted in local and campus newspapers. * For the last minute emergency kind of publicity try a phone-a-thon. Call your friends and ask them to call their friends to publicize concerts, or a play that needs attendance. * Placemats in your dining and eating areas can focus on a series (football, theatre season, film series, etc.) or a one time event (big concert, cultural week, Renaissance Fair). They are cheap and can double as poster, leaflet or mailer. * Newspaper supplements are sometimes expensive but your campus or local community newspaper just might stick one in the middle of its next issue for free. If not, then get a gang of people to head them off at the pass (or at the campus newsstand real early in the morning) and stuff them yourselves. Use leaflets, brochures or the weekly calendar of events, and if you don't have a weekly calendar of events, start one. Have each program area kick in a few bucks to print a calendar or contract with the newspaper to have one printed each week. * Slide posters under doors in the dorms. * Use another program's master of ceremonies to announce your upcoming event. * For series (film posters, etc.) have a few well placed posters whose general format remains the same while the program information may change from event to event. Be sure to change colors for the program insertion as well. * Get local businesses to publicize your programs by giving them plays during breaks in the program. Again be careful of campus regulations preventing commercial activities on college property. * Develop a news column in your student newspaper covering the week's events. Focus in on one or two programs that would appeal to the general campus. * Use odd shaped posters; triangles, hexagons, ovals, etc. * If you have a standard type poster making machine, spray paint or silk screen the poster board before overprinting them with the message. Integrate the art work with the printed message to achieve uniqueness. * Paint windows and glass doors with upcoming event information or graphics to emphasize a program. Easily removable substances are easy to find at the hardware store. Try painting in different places. Be sure to clean it off when the program is over. * So some advertising announcing the availability of free tickets to a free event. Or give out some free passes to events that you do charge for. * Take out advertisements in your student directory outlining upcoming events during the semester. * Go see your local bus company and see if you can put advertising either inside or on the outside of the bus...or better yet, try for both. * If you have some campus wooden bus stop benches repaint them every month or so with advertising about campus programs. Don't forget to put wet paint signs. * Set up a closed circuit TV system with four or five campus outlets that would scan the campus calendar. * An inexpensive way to make banners is to use mattress cover material. * Slip little notes in the louvers of gym lockers or bowling lockers. * Print up some paper plates with your advertising and donate them to your food service...or better still work with them and ask them to donate the plates.