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Remember - "Publicity can make or break a program."

Some basic considerations to follow when Planning Your Publicity Strategies and as follows: -Committee - As soon as you decide to sponsor an event, organize a publicity committee.

Publicity for an event in most instances cannot be handled by one person.

-Audience - The first question you need to ask yourself is - what group ARE we trying to target for this program? Taylor your publicity to fit this group.

Example - Publicity for a rock group in the cafe should be different then for a ballet in the Art & Lecture Series. -Selling points

- Emphasize the aspects of your program which would generate the most interest or which people can relate to.

Example - If you were sponsoring a lecture on the Middle East by a little known speaker you could emphasize the topic rather than the speaker.

-Resources - It is very important to allot sufficient funds for publicity. A rule of thumb is that the publicity funding should directly correlate with the amount of money needed to fund the program.

Example - If you were spending $1,000.00 to bring a popular band on campus - it wouldn't be prudent to allot only &10.00 for publicity.

Types of publicity - More often then not on a college campus, the typical publicity campaign consists of a campus calendar and posters. These types of publicity are a good beginning for a successful activity you must have a more imaginative campaign. Also remember to keep both your event and your target audiences in mind when planning your types of publicity.

Example - For a spring break beach party you could circulate Frisbees with your activity info on them. Location - Where will your publicity materials get the most attention?

With your publicity committee, brainstorm on where your target audience spends most of their time and begin your publicity campaign there. In addition, don't forget the high traffic areas!

Example - If you're publicizing a pool tournament a good place for your publicity would be the game room.