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Policy and Procedure: All student clubs and organizations are encouraged to engage in fundraising activities during the academic year. The Office of Student life defines fundraising activities as: a. receiving monetary donations without products or services being rendered, or b. activities which raise funds through direct sale of merchandise or service for the benefit of registered student organizations with all funds to be used for the on-going support of the organization's activities. Fundraising activities are subject to the following restrictions:

1. No registered student organization has the right to disturb or interrupt the conduct of classes or extracurricular activities for the purpose of raising funds.

2. Registered student organizations cannot function as on-campus agents or representatives for off-campus private or public commercial firms or enterprises.

3. No individual may use University facilities in such a manner as to be performing on his/her own commercial behalf outside of the context of a registered student organization's program.

4. Fundraising activities must be pre-approved by the Office of Student Life (prior to the activity taking place). Organizations are to complete a Fundraiser Request Form, either online or by picking up a paper copy outside of the Student Life Office. The Office of Student Life maintains the right to limit fundraising events if several organizations are competing for student funds at one time. This will allow for a fair and equitable opportunity for all clubs to raise funds.

5. Fundraising activities or registered student organizations shall be conducted at locations authorized by the Office of Student Life.

Canvassing Off-Campus

In order to ask businesses for donations for Penn State University or your registered student organization, you must make a request through the Office of Student Life and the office of University Relations. First, an Intent to Solicit form must be completed and approved prior to soliciting. These forms are available outside of the Student Life Office. Once the form is approved a copy will be placed in your club mailbox along with two additional forms that will need to be completed as you go from business to business. The first is a letter confirming that you are approved to ask the business for donations. This is to be given to each business contact. The reason we use this form is to make sure the business realizes that this is official business. The second form is used to keep track of all donations. It is University policy that we monitor and track all donations for tax purposes. Once this form is completed and turned in, the University sends a thank you letter and tax form to the business. Should you have questions regarding these forms, please stop by the Office of Student Life. These forms will need to be returned promptly. It is the clubs responsibility to return the completed forms in a timely matter so that the University may keep their records updated. Failure to do so may result in your club being denied the privilege of fundraising. Back