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*What's a DUR- Director of University Relations. I do alumni relations and development work (fundraising for the campus) and oversee public information and publication production on campus.

*Sales vs. charitable giving- There are different guidelines. Such things as candy and pizza of flower sales don't fall under charitable giving guidelines. Ask Deposit Bank for $100 of Wal-mart for a big screen color TV, that is something you need to clear with development. PS - Philosophy of donor choice! Prospects can hear proposals and say no!

*Can you define the need?- Cna you accurately describe the need? How much money? How many people will benefit? What other sources of funding are you seeking? How will this MAKE A DIFFERENCE to those who benefit? Have you discussed this with the DSA? (Have you talked to the CEO?) Have you talked with the DUR?

*Have you defined your prospects?- Have you made a list of people you want to ask for support, and can you identify a relationship that would make them likely prospects? Do you know them, work for them, have friends or relatives that work for them, know alumni who work for them? Have you considered individuals? Have you considered service clubs? What if you don't get all of the money?

*What do you have to offer a donor?- Donor recognition is often a factor. What do you have to offer? Can donors be listen in a program, for example? How will anyone know about their generosity? Do they want people to know?

*How do you want to contact prospects?- Personal visit is best with "leave piece" that includes proposal summary and contact information. If you use a letter, follow-up with a visit. If you can't make the time to visit with the donor, don't ask. No shotgun mail appeals!

*Why we might ask you not to contact a prospect- We may have a major proposal pending. We may know that they are not in a position to give. We may know they are already involved with another program and don't want multiple asks.

*What you may need to know that we can tell you- Alumni contacts, interests of the prospect, past giving history if appropriate (without confidential data!). This type of information is material you should know! It can help building your relationship with the prospect.

*Can you be pleasant about taking rejection?- Often donors say no - how will you react? Can you thank them for taking the time to consider your ask? How you handle "no" could influence wether or not they say yes the next time they are asked! *What if they give?- Then they are making a gift to Penn State! It needs to be properly received, receipted and acknowledged. We can help. It needs to be processed immediately! Internally, 24-hour turnaround! Don't keep it in your bookbag or your car or your locker, etc. Contact us immediately. Call Jennifer Conner at 375-9381 to make the initial contact. Be prepared to write a personal thank you letter!

*Fundraising background of University Relations- Why we need to know (Prospect Tracking story). The number of asks in the environment and from Penn State. *Penn State DuBois (me) -- Scholarships, building renovation, faculty support *DuBois Alumni Society -- Telefund at UP for gifts to the campus *DEF Annual appeal -- Scholarship, faculty support, High School Exceptional Program *PepsiCo Open -- Scholarships, Kids in College *Kids in College -- Scholarships for Kids in College *Engineering Competition -- Support for event planned in the spring *Others -- WPSX? Degree granting college? Athletics?



Tuesday, April 22

7:00 pm Multi Purpose Building - Gymnasium

B-Xtreme is a high-energy acrobatic interactive break dancing show. These award winning performers have not only brought dance from the streets but have exhibited their talents to colleges, festivals, half-time, shows film and special events around the world.

Their shows are packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics, and the hottest dance moves, and by combining their cutting-edge dance choreography with performing talents, they deliver an unforgettable experience that leaves crowds cheering for more.