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Dr. Melanie Hatch, Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer

Melanie Hatch, Ph.D.

E-mail: mlh37@psu.edu

Office Location: Symmco House

Maureen Horan, Interim Co-Director of Academic Affairs

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs

Maureen T. Horan

E-Mail: mth12@psu.edu

Office Locations: Symmco House and Multipurpose Building 6

John B. Luchini, Director of Business Services/Financial Officer

Director of Business Services/Financial Officer

John B. Luchini

E-Mail: jbl1@psu.edu

Office Location: Symmco House

Jean Wolf, Director of Development

Director of Development

Jean A. Wolf

E-Mail: jaw57@psu.edu

Office Location: Fairman House

Melissa Duttry, Director of Enrollment Services

Director of Enrollment Management

Melissa A. Duttry

E-Mail: mab1@psu.edu

Office Location: Enrollment Services

Brian Hart, Director of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology

Brian Hart

E-Mail: bah22@psu.edu

Office Location: Swift 249

Rebecca Pennington, Director of Student Affairs

Director of Student Affairs

Rebecca Pennington

E-mail: rxs163@psu.edu

Office Location: Hiller 106