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Volunteering Will Mold the Future for Penn State DuBois Grad

Penn State DuBois' Tony Harris
Penn State DuBois' Tony Harris
12/13/2010 —

DuBois – Tony Harris has a passion for volunteering and helping people.  It's a passion that, for a while, he will pursue full time after his graduation from Penn State DuBois in December.  The soon-to-be graduate of the Earth and Mineral Science program has submitted his application to the Peace Corps.


He said the Peace Corps has asked for his preferences of countries to work in.  Harris has given the organization those preferences, but they're widely varied.


"I'm interested in the Caribbean, South America, Eastern Europe, and South Africa, too," Harris said.  "I told them it really doesn't matter where I go.


"I would mostly teach classes in schools overseas.  I could end up teaching English, or basic science," Harris said, explaining some of the things Peace Corps volunteers do. 


After three months of training, Peace Corps volunteers spend two years in the country they're placed in.  Harris said he would be happy to serve those two years, building his own résumé while helping communities in need.


"The experience of teaching with the Peace Corps fills many of the requirements for teaching certificates for most school districts, and I'm really interested in pursuing a career in teaching after I complete some volunteer work," said Harris. 


Harris said he'll have to wait before embarking on a Peace Corps mission.  The application process, which he is now going through, takes several months.  Until it is complete, he's going to stick around Penn State DuBois, working in the Student Life Office where he'll help to organize events and volunteer opportunities for students.


"I don't know why I love volunteering," Harris said.  "Maybe it's selfish.  Maybe it's because I feel like I get so much out of helping people.  It makes me feel good.  I always keep the quote from Gandhi in the back of my mind.  He said to 'be the change you wish to see in the world'." 

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