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DuBois Students' Work Appears in Best of Freshman Writing

9/29/2010 —

DuBois – Two Penn State DuBois students have the honor this semester of having their stories published in The Best of Freshman Writing.  The work of Brandon Longe and Sophia Reed, both of whom are now sophomores at the campus, was selected to appear in the publication, which features only the very best examples of writing by freshman across all of Penn State University, in three specific English courses.  Faculty who teach these courses must submit their students' work for consideration in the publication.


Longe's story recounts his experience entering the operating room for surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital after suffering an injury while serving in Iraq.  He paints a detailed picture of a world that can only be seen through the eyes of a nervous patient just before going under the surgeon's knife.  


"Brandon Longe’s descriptive paragraph vividly elaborates the tense moments before surgery in a military hospital," said Penn State DuBois Distinguished Professor of English Richard Kopley. 


Sophie Reed chose to write about her father in the story that appears in The Best of Freshman Writing.  Reed lost her father to cancer, but recalls the strength that he had throughout life, and even after his diagnoses.  She said the well being of his family always mattered most to her dad, and that it showed through his total selflessness, even when facing his own illness.


"I just explained the things he was involved in throughout out lives, even after he was diagnosed," Reed said.  "He contributed so much to the family as we grew up.  It was personal, and something I feel passionate about.  It's hard to talk about, so I wrote about it, and it really helped me." 


"Sophia Reed’s persuasive essay touchingly relates her father’s loving dedication to his family," Kopley said.   


"Both of these pieces compellingly convey vital private worlds, and they ably showcase the considerable writing skill achieved by English 4 students at Penn State DuBois," he continued.


The Best of Freshman Writing is available for purchase at Penn State Book Stores.

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