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Licatovich Provides Support, Training as Penn State DuBois Police Officer

Officer John Licatovich and student
8/27/2010 —

DuBois – Officer John Licatovich has been named as the new Campus Police Services Officer at Penn State DuBois. 


In his new role, Licatovich will assist members of the campus community in assuring safety and security.  To this end, he will train other staff members in the best safety and security practices, as well as offer support to students, faculty, and staff in need or distress.  With a growing number of students, and an increase in special campus events, Licatovich will also provide general security on a day to day basis, as well as during events. 


Additionally, he will serve as a campus liaison to the Pennsylvania State Police, DuBois City Police, and Sandy Township Police.


"This is really a proactive approach to maintaining a level of safety and security on campus," said Director of Business and Finance, John Luchini.  "Thankfully, we have never had a situation arise on campus that deemed police action necessary.  It is nice to know that we'll have someone here who can do that if we need him.  This will also give our students a little extra feeling of security." 


Licatovich is no stranger to wearing a badge, or providing protection.  He comes to Penn State DuBois after serving 16 years with the DuBois City Police Department.  Prior to that, he worked with both the Sandy Township and Clearfield Borough Police Departments. 


Licatovich started his law enforcement career as an officer and park ranger at Presque Isle State Park, on Lake Erie.  He gained some of his most valuable experience in the United States Marine Corps as a guard at the United States embassies in Moscow, Russia, Ottawa, Canada, and in Port Lewis Mauritius, Africa.  


After his six year stint with the Marines, Licatovich became a security agent responsible for protecting one of the original Bill of Rights documents.  When the Bill of Rights was first drafted, 15 hand written copies were made.  The documents are periodically taken on a tour of all 50 states, and Licatovich was responsible for keeping one of those historic documents safe on its journey.     


"I've been very fortunate to have the opportunities to meet the people that I have met, and to see the places I have seen," said Licatovich of his colorful career.  "It has all given me a greater respect for this country."


The DuBois native may have originally returned home to become an officer with the City of DuBois, but now he says he has found a new home at Penn State DuBois.


"This is the chance to enter a new career with a highly respected organization that I am exited to be a part of," he said.  "I basically get to create a police department that will provide security to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at this campus.  That's exciting." 

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