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Back to School: Penn State DuBois Welcomes Students

8/19/2010 —

DuBois – School is back in session at Penn State DuBois.  Faculty and staff officially welcomed students for the start of the fall semester at the annual Convocation and student orientation on Thursday.


"All of us here at Penn State DuBois are excited to see you and are looking forward to Monday and the start of classes," said Chancellor Anita McDonald, before an audience of students and parents in the campus gymnasium.  "I hope you are looking forward to next week and the beginning of many new experiences as you start, or continue your college life." 


In all, nearly 1,000 students are enrolled for the 2010-2011 academic year at Penn State DuBois.  Of those, slightly over 300 are new freshmen.  Students come from 46 counties in Pennsylvania, and 9 different states.  Additionally, two current students are natives of China. 


"This diversity of different home towns, cultural heritage, work and life experiences, ages, and more will enrich your college years," McDonald said.  "Starting today, make an effort to get to know someone new, including the faculty and staff." 


McDonald stressed the importance of education and the value it will add to the lives of the new students, as well as the contributions they'll be able to make as well rounded citizens. 


"This is an important and critical time for you to be attending a university.  We have so many challenges in our communities, this country, and the world," McDonald said.  "We will need each and every one of you to help us address the complex issues we face today armed with your Penn State educational experience." 

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