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Police Talk Crime Prevention with Students

3/30/2010 —

DuBois – Officers with the DuBois City Police Department recently visited Penn State DuBois to present a program aimed at reducing underage drinking and related crimes among college students.


Officers John Licatovich and Lanny Prosper covered crimes and penalties in their presentation, Alcohol Offenses and Sanctions – How can they impact you? They explained many of the consequences of committing these crimes that young adults may not be aware of.


"A lot of the younger people don't think twice about how these things affect them getting their degree, or their entire life," Prosper said.  He related one story of a college student who nearly had to change majors because criminal charges appeared on a background check at her university. 


"This program really ties together all of the things they can face, not only as far as criminal charges are concerned, but also how their school or campus policies can affect them following an offense,"   Licatovich explained. 


The officers covered areas such as DUI, underage drinking, possession, furnishing alcohol to minors, and other common offenses. 


"Luckily, we have very responsible students at Penn State DuBois," said Student Life Coordinator Marly Doty.  "Most of them won’t have to worry about facing such penalties, but it’s good for them to know what those penalties are.  At the very least, they can pass on what they’ve learned to others."

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