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Penn State DuBois Welcomes New Students

Chancellor Anita McDonald welcomes new incoming freshmen to Penn State DuBois
8/25/2008 —

DuBois – The new academic year is underway, and Penn State DuBois welcomes more than 250 new incoming freshmen this fall.

“We have seen remarkable increases in our enrollments the past two years and we are very excited about helping these students reach their academic goals” said Admissions Officer, Melissa Duttry. 

At the campus convocation, new students were welcomed by Chancellor, Anita McDonald, who congratulated them on reaching a new milestone in life.  She also offered advice, and encouragement.

“This is a great time to be in College.  It’s also a very important time,” McDonald said.  “We have so many challenges in our communities and in our world today.  You’re part of the solution. No matter what career path you’ve chosen, it will serve an important role in our society.” 

Freshmen were introduced to faculty and staff members that they will get to know during their time at Penn State DuBois.  They also met experienced students who offered advice on a peer level.

“You’ve stepped onto your path in life,” said Student Government Association President, Tony Harris. “Penn State can help keep you on the right path.”

This year’s incoming freshmen are now part of approximately 84,000 Penn State students, University-wide.

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