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Giving Students a “CUE” to Learn

10/12/2007 —

DuBois – Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  Educators at Penn State DuBois realize college students are no exception.  A group of campus faculty and staff have recently organized into an advisory group to assemble a center where students can get assistance with their demanding course work.  At the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, or CUE, students will find friendly and dedicated tutors to help them understand their courses.  Other students will have the opportunity to be tutors, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping their fellow students.  

The CUE, housed in Room 129 of the Swift Building, offers quiet workspaces, and computer access.  Tutors will use the latest proven strategies to coach students.

“The tactics the tutors use have really been updated,” said Interim Co-director of Academic Affairs, Maureen Horan.  “They’re taking a really fresh approach.”

Horan said Senior Instructor in English and Women’s Studies, Jackie Atkins, has lead the charge in revamping what was once called The Learning Center and transforming it into the CUE.

“Jackie has really restructured everything from the ground up,” Horan said.  “She’s implementing some of the latest methods for tutoring.”

Atkins said she realizes there is a need for increased assistance with college course work.  As an increasing amount of college students have families or work full time, it can be difficult for them to devote enough time to academics.  She says, “About 60 percent of students on campus could use some help with basic course work.”

Writing and math are the areas most students may look for assistance in, according to Atkins.  However, staff at the CUE will do their best to provide support in any area.

“To enrich the student experience,” Atkins says, explaining the main purpose of the CUE.  “The CUE will help students get the things they need to be the best Penn State students they can be.”   

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence Advisory Group will continue to guide the functions of the CUE.  Right now, that group is exploring ways to secure permanent funding, so that the CUE may remain a resource at Penn State DuBois for years to come. 

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