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Students to Publish Anthology of Women’s Literature

10/12/2007 —

DuBois - Penn State DuBois students Jody Lucas Kulakowski and Amanda Story have not yet graduated from college, but are already working towards publishing their first book.  With the help of Associate Professor of English, Antonio Vallone, the students will compile an anthology of short prose, all from female authors.  The book will include both fiction and non-fiction works of about one printed page in length.  The brief tales are referred to as “Sudden Stories” and “Sudden Essays”. 

The stories can tackle any topic, Kulakowski said, noting that the book is intended to be a diverse collection of stories from women of varied backgrounds.

“It would be a travesty to put this all together and find there’s a common theme.  The common connection of being a woman is enough to bind the stories together,” said Kulakowski. 

Vallone adds, “All I really care about is getting the best stories we can get.  If they come from a grandmother in DuBois, or someone who has published hundreds of books, it doesn’t matter.”  

It’s hoped that many women take an interest and contribute work.  Kulakowski and Story, both Letters Arts and Science Majors, with minors in Women’s Studies, will actively seek women to contribute to the anthology.

The book will be published by DuBois-based company, Mammoth Books, which is owned by Vallone.  As an educator and a publisher, Vallone says he realizes how this experience can benefit the students working on the project.

“This will be a great thing for them as they go into graduate school, which they both want to do, and into their careers,” Vallone said.  “Small presses across the country are helping people get published who might not be able to, and it’s really opening doors.”

For Story and Kulakowski the project may open the door that will allow them to turn a passion into a career.

“I’ve always had an interest in literature, and I’ve decided this is something I want to pursue for my future,” said Story, who also plans to teach one day.  “This gives me the chance to follow my passion and do something that truly makes me happy.”

Contributions can be submitted for review now.  Vallone said this is a long-range project, and the book may not hit shelves for a couple of years.  When it does, the anthology will be available through nearly any bookstore, and you’ll be able to find it online at such sites as Amazon.com.

For more information, or to submit a contribution, write to sudden_essays@yahoo.com or sudden_stories@yahoo.com

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