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Raising Alcohol Awareness: One Student at a Time

2/7/2007 —

"Crash OR Crash." This is the theme being used by students at Penn State DuBois seeking to promote responsible drinking. The year-long campaign aims to raise alcohol awareness concerning the supposed norms involving alcohol and socialization, and to discourage irresponsible habits before they are formed.

Libby Hoover, Penn State DuBois campus nurse, employed Professor Laurie Breakey’s senior marketing class to develop several advertising strategies to reach out to students. With the help of the marketing class, Hoover believes, "This is a special opportunity for the campus to demonstrate that we can make a difference on our campus and throughout the community about responsible alcohol use."

The marketing students prepared a mock car accident on campus this week, featuring the theme "Crash OR Crash." One "crash" represented a sleeping person on a couch while the other "crash" signified a wrecked car demonstrating the unfortunate result drinking and driving has on thousands of youth throughout the nation each year. Also during the accident promotion, breathalyzers and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) charts were given to help students appreciate when enough is enough.

Sponsors include Chapman Auto Parts & Sales, who donated the car and towing services used for the campaign, and BiLo, who donated beverages.

Other plans include posters to be disseminated throughout the community and a guest speaker to raise awareness on campus.

Regarding the campaign, Student Government Association President, Kyle Hilfiger said, "I think this is a great opportunity for the students to realize the hard work and dedication that is put in by charity organizations, such as MADD or SADD, to help promote drinking more responsibly to the public. This event has given the entire student population a realization that their futures can be affected by their choices today."

The campaign originated with a $10,000 grant issued by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for 64 organizations statewide. Penn State DuBois is one of six Penn State University campuses to receive the competitive grant. According to PLCB board member Patrick J. Stapleton, the total grant funding amount of $664,000 is part of the PLCB’s comprehensive approach to fighting alcohol misuse.

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