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Penn State DuBois sobriety support group initiated

11/10/2006 —

DuBois – A peer-to-peer sobriety support group at Penn State DuBois called "Living Life Lucid" aims to counsel students struggling with the fallout of drug and alcohol addiction and direct them toward a clean and sober lifestyle.

According to group co-organizer Michael White, a senior business major, the group is not only for students who have struggled with addiction, but also those they love or who are close in their lives.

"If you think that alcohol and drugs are adversely affecting your life, either by your own use or that of those around you, and you don’t know how to get out from under it, there is help," White said.

Co-organizer Jody Lucas Kulakowski agreed. "We can direct you to resources to help you deal with your own addictions, change your own habits, or deal with the mess others are making of their lives. We’ve been through it, and we understand."

Kulakowski said there could be many circumstances and resulting adverse effect that negatively impact the life of a student. Anything from waking up hung over and missing class to not being able to study because of partying roommates or disruptive family members.

Students' confidentiality is assured, White and Kulakowski said, and arrangements can be made to meet discreetly to share information and develop a game plan for taking the problem head-on. Male students are asked to contact White at msw196@psu.edu, and females may contact Kulakowski at jxl290@psu.edu.

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