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Tool training unites industry with students at Penn State DuBois

10/30/2006 —

DuBois – The new Haas Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines at Penn State DuBois are now equipment with state-of-the-art Iscar tooling, purchased locally from Georgino Industrial Supply of Penfield.

Penn State DuBois and Georgino's invited the tooling manufacturer to the campus initially for a seminar and demonstration on the milling and machining capabilities for the students, but soon, according to Senior Instructor in Engineering Ross Kester, the opportunity piqued the curiosity of local metal industry representatives. The training culminated Thursday at a daylong lecture and machining demonstration for both Mechanical Engineering Technology students and industry representatives from throughout the region. State Rep. Dan Surra kicked off the training with comments about partnerships in industry and education.

"Partnerships like this will help keep our businesses and our current and future workforce up-to-date and to help us stay competitive in the global marketplace," Surra said.

The new tooling is considered "cutting edge" because of how the tool cuts the metal away from the original block, Kester explained, doing so at a much more aggressive rate than  lathe and milling tooling predominantly used heretofore. Demonstration was to show the performance of the tooling discussed in the seminar. Mechanical Engineering Technology students. These MET students are enrolled in a class that deals with machining and the theory of machining.

"It was a win-win for everyone. Absolutely," Kester said. "Industry gets to see what's happening at Penn State. Students get to network with industry representatives. Everyone gets to learn. Both components get to see the newest technology and the newest machining theory."

As the semester progresses, students will learn how to program the CNCs, equipment that was purchased using a Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry grant.

"We wanted to show Dan (Surra) the results of this grant at work here at Penn State DuBois, and the type of effect that those dollars spent has affected both the way we work with local companies and the way our students learn," Kester said.

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