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Review of work by Richard Kopley, Professor of English

5/11/2006 —

Leland Person, Department of English, University of Cincinnati, and member of the Nathanial Hawthorne Society, wrote in his review of Richard Kopley's The Threads of 'The Scarlet Letter:

"Were I guilty of a secret crime, I think I would throw up my hands and confess if I learned that Richard Kopley were on the case. The Threads of 'The Scarlet Letter' is a tour de force of dogged detective work and an exemplary case of meticulous and scrupulous research" (Nathaniel Hawthorne Review [2005]: 56). 

Grace Farrell, the Rebecca Clifton Reade Professor of English at Butler University, writes:

"This book shows Professor Kopley as a systematic, careful, and reliable reader who does not trade research for theoretical vogue and easy acclaim.  He is, in short, a scholar, one who always builds his arguments on foundations of solid, painstaking, historical research" (Edgar Allan Poe Review [2005]: 56).

Professor Kopley's recent sabbatical project involved archival study of American Renaissance authors Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville. Research travel has taken Kopley to the Palmer C. Holt Collection at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash., during 2005, as well as to libraries in New York City.

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