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Fehrenbach and Hummer Promoted

9/16/2005 —

Fehrenbach promoted to senior instructor
Paul Fehrenbach of Kersey achieved promotion to senior instructor in music.

An active performer at many venues throughout the region, Fehrenbach began as a part-time instructor in music in 1990, becoming a full-time instructor in 1995.  His students and peers admire his ability to demonstrate complex musical concepts through multimedia resources and performances. "Since I’ve taken your course, I’ve grown into a much larger music appreciation base and have come across some music that has truly inspired me,” wrote one student.

Fehrenbach has recorded CDs with his ensemble Fieldstone; researched Medieval and Renaissance sacred and Christmas music, customs and costumes; published two books; and made numerous conference presentations.

Hummer promoted to senior instructor     

An instructor in wildlife technology since 1974, Joe Hummer was promoted to senior instructor. 

Students and peers admire his teaching and advising skills.   A fellow faculty member said, "He has clearly articulated and high standards for his students. He sees value in incorporating historical and current information and global perspectives related to the topics he teaches."

In addition to attending disciplinary conferences and seminars, Hummer has a significant body of research publication based on projects with sponsorship from private companies and the