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Students Improve Lives through Giving

In the photo, left to right are Occupational Therapy students Kelly Chuculate, Mary Keener, Lisa DeMotte, Jenn Ploof, Jen McManigle, Lindsey Anderson
5/13/2009 —

DuBois – Occupational Therapy (OT) students at Penn State DuBois already pursue a career that is about helping people.  The training they receive in the OT curriculum will prepare them for administering therapy to people who have been injured, or suffer from debilitating illnesses.  To take it a step further, OT students recently made a donation to another organization that is built on helping others.


Throughout the month of April Students gathered adaptive equipment to donate to the Clearfield County Society for Handicapped/Disabled Citizens (CCSHDC).  The equipment included hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, bath tub benches, portable toilets, wheelchairs and crutches.


"They collect all kinds of equipment, clean it up, and donate it to any individual who has need for it," said OT instructor LuAnn Demi, explaining the mission of the CCSHDC.  "It is completely free of charge for the individual.  They only need to fill out paperwork that says they will return the equipment when they no longer need it."


Demi noted that the project was important to students at the OT department because of the demand for such equipment in the area, saying, "When I called to ask if our club could assist, they were very excited.  They said they have waiting lists for some equipment and could really use more.  So, it was definitely a good will project that our students took part in."


Student Lindsey Anderson agreed.  "For myself I wanted to complete this project to show the importance of an organization like the one in Clearfield," Anderson said.  "I think that it is a great organization to help citizens in a time of need with no questions asked.  I also believe that having this organization relieves some stress about getting equipment on the person and their family in a time of need."

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