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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (OLEAD)

Stand out from the crowd...in today’s competitive job market

Learn today...Lead tomorrow
Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership
(OLEAD) Offered in St. Marys

A degree designed specifically for busy adults

Relevant Skill Building for Today’s Workforce:

* Increase your skills in understanding and leading organizations
* Gain insight into why organizational problems arise and what you can 
     do about them
* Professional Advancement
     Increase your earning potential as you increase your knowledge
* Earn a Penn State certificate early in your education (in just 2 semesters)
     The new certificate in Labor Studies and Industrial Relations is
     designed to increase your knowledge of labor relations and collective
     bargaining.  Courses can apply toward the Bachelor’s degree in OLEAD.
* Flexibility and Convenience
     Obtain a degree from a prestigious university by taking evening classes
     in St. Marys with face-to-face and/or online instruction.  This degree
     is specifically designed for busy individuals.


OLEAD Fact Sheet (PDF)

For more information contact our
Penn State representative at the
Community Education Council Office
Marienstadt Center
4 Erie Ave., Suite 200
St. Marys

(814) 834-3593