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Health Science Professions I

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This 33 credit certificate program is designed to provide students interested in nursing, health science or a healthcare profession a foundation in core academic classes needed in a health science or healthcare career.  Students who earn this certificate will be able to acquire an entry-level job (or other positions based on a student’s additional experiences, professional background or degree(s) earned) in the healthcare industry, meet the prerequisites needed to access the educational pathway toward a career in the health industry such as nursing, or begin  coursework needed to obtain additional credentials or a degree in a related science discipline.

Course Requirements

BIOL 141 Introductory Physiology (3 credits) Explanation of the normal structure and functions of the animal body, with special emphasis on human body systems.

BIOL 142 Physiology Laboratory (1 credit) Experiments demonstrating basic physiological principles, with special reference to man.

CHEM 110 Chemical Principles I (3 credits) Basic concepts and quantitative relations.

CHEM 111 Experimental Chemistry I(1 credit) Introduction to quantitative experimentation in chemistry


CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry (3 credits) Selected principles and applications of chemistry.

PSYCH 100 Introductory Psychology (3 credits) Introduction to general psychology, principles of human behavior and their applications.

SOC 001 Introductory Sociology(3 credits) The nature and characteristics of human societies and social life.


SOC 005 Social Problems (3 credits) Current social problems such as economic, racial, and gender inequalities; social deviance and crime; population, environmental, energy, and health problems.

ENGL 015 Rhetoric and Composition (3 credits) Instruction and practice in writing expository prose that shows sensitivity to audience and purpose.

BIOL 129 Mammalian Anatomy(4 credits) Anatomy of a mammal, with special reference to that of man.

NUTR 251 Introductory Principles of Nutrition (3 credits)  The nutrients: food sources and physiological functions as related to human growth and well-being throughout life; current nutrition issues.

MICRB 106 Elementary Microbiology (3 credits) Importance of microorganisms in health and disease, agriculture, and industry; descriptive course for students not planning advanced study in microbiology.

MICRB 107 Elementary Microbiology Laboratory (1 credit) Selected techniques used to observe, identify and count bacteria; effects of chemical and physical agents on microorganisms.

HD FS 129 Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies (3 credits) Introduction to psychosocial and family development at all stages of the individual and family life cycle.

MATH 021 College Algebra I (3 credits) Quadratic equations; equations in quadratic form; word problems; graphing; algebraic fractions; negative and rational exponents; radicals.

Non-Course Requirements

*Math requirement is MATH 021 or higher.  Certificate is a minimum of 33 credits, but if CHEM 110 & 111(lab) are taken instead of CHEM 101, the total credits will be 34.