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Persons interested in obtaining a position or enhancing skills in the Natural Gas field.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician Certificate

Designed specifically for the Marcellus Shale industry, the GIS program consists of four courses focused on training GIS technicians

Marcellus Shale Land Use Practices in Pennsylvania Certificate(12.1 CEUs)

This certificate program consists of nine courses that provide you with a broad introduction to the Marcellus Shale industry in Pennsylvania, preparing you for these jobs.

Introduction to the Land Professional in Pennsylvania(0.2 CEU) Learn about the occupation of a Land Professional and the skills and competencies necessary for a career in this field.

Introduction to Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania(0.4 CEU) This course is designed as an introduction to the field of natural gas.  Topics include exploration, land leasing, seismic testing, drilling, fracking, and extraction.

Introduction to Basic Legal Principles and Ethical Responsibilities(1.2 CEUs) Study basic legal principles as they apply to the courts and judicial process, law office procedures, and legal business ethics.


Geological Fundamentals of Natural Gas (1.2 CEUs) The fundamentals of natural gas formation in the organic-rich shale of the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation in Pennsylvania are presented.  Students learn about the permeability and porosity of sedimentary rock formations; how geologists search for oil and gas in conventional and unconventional reservoirs through seismic mapping and other technologies; discover how gas wells are drilled and how horizontal drilling technology is used; and understand how hydraulic fracturing techniques help release gas from rock formations.

Introduction to Real Estate Law (0.9 CEUs) Learn about interests in real estate including rights and duties relative to possession and ownership, including Article 1 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Fundamentals of Hydrology/Environmental Concerns (0.8 CEU) Students will study the fundamentals of groundwater and surface water hydrology including hydrologic cycle, components of drainage basins and river systems in Pennsylvania, and more.  The importance of protecting groundwater and drinking water is a focus.  Understand why large volumes of water are needed to support hydraulic fracturing and what water resources are used. Environmental concerns discussed are the potential negative impact on Pennsylvania's vast groundwater and surface water resource, air quality, and ecosystem and land use changes.

PA Oil and Gas Law (1.1 CEU) Gain an understanding of PA Oil and Gas Law, learn about recent and pending cases, and be introduced to lease provisions. 


Introduction to Legal Research, Title Abstracting, Use of Records, and Legal Documentation (3.0 CEUs) Learn the basic methods of legal research, analysis, and written support through identification and use of primary and secondary sources.  A basic structure of legal documents and terminology will be provided.  Visiting the Clearfield County Register and Recorder’s office will allow students to develop an under-standing of policies and respect for county records, and also introduce them to the Landex Remote System.  


Introduction to Geographic Information Systems: Nature of Geographic Data and Spatial Information (3.3 CEUs) Learn the fundamentals of geography and gain an understanding of geospatial technology and geographic information systems.  Use data and imagery associated with the local area from the PAMAP program as well as ancillary data.  Upon completion, students should be able to describe the discipline of geography and its sub fields; describe spatial relationships and the significance of spatial relationships; and much more.

Fundamentals of Shale Development The unconventional shale gas revolution is transforming energy production and utilization across the United States and around the world. Understanding how and why shales like Marcellus and Utica are being developed is fundamental to successful businesses across the Appalachian Basin. Nearly 1,000 natural gas industry employees and other businesses have already taken the Shale Development and Production Overview course. Participants clearly value knowledge that enables them to provide fact-based answers to real world questions about all aspects of shale gas development. The eight-hour course includes information on shale economics, geology, leasing, drilling practices, well construction, reservoir stimulation and well completion, production, and workforce all mixed in with real world, on the ground experience. The course will offer new information for individuals at all experience levels. No matter if you have natural gas industry experience or if you are a novice to natural gas production, the development and production overview has something for you!


Additional courses related to the Marcellus Shale Industry are on the Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental