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(9 credits)


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This 9 credit certificate is the study of Earth's processes and how they apply to rocks, minerals, soil characteristics, water flow, natural resources and much more.  It is the first of 3 certificates offered for students who want to better understand the Earth's surface and sub-surface.

Required Courses* (6 credits)

GEOSC 001 Physical Geology (3 credits) Earth processes and their effects on the materials, structure, and morphology of the earth's crust. Practicum includes field work, study of rocks, minerals, dynamic models, and topographic maps. This course includes from one to several field trips for which an additional charge may be required.

SOILS 101 (GN) Introduction to Soils (3 credits) A study of soil characteristics and their relationship to land use, plant growth, environmental quality, and society/culture.

Select 1 course* (3 credits)

EARTH 111 (GN;US) Water: Science and Society (3 credits) Investigation of water behavior and occurrence, its relevance to life, human activities, politics, and society.

GEOSC 303 Introduction to Environmental Geology (3 credits) Origin of earth and earth materials; natural resources, geologic barriers and hazards, and relationships to human use of the environment. This course includes from one to several field trips for which an additional charge may be required. 

*Students are responsible for meeting all required course prerequisites.

For more information, contact DuBois/Clearfield (814) 375-4716 or St. Marys 814-834-3593.



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