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The staff and faculty of Penn State DuBois Continuing Education want your experience at Penn State DuBois to be exciting and fun. For this to be possible, students are expected to be considerate of others, observe the rules, and respect the facilities. Students are expected to observe the following:

  • Fireworks, firearms, and weapons of any kind are not permitted and will not be tolerated. 
  • Respect the classroom and facilities and do not deface or destroy them in any way. Charges will be assessed against those participants who are responsible for damage or misusing University property. 
  • Deposit all litter into the containers provided. 
  • Illegal drug, alcohol, and tobacco use of any kind is not permitted and will not be tolerated.
  • Radios, tape or CD players, iPods, and cell phones are not allowed in class. We will not be responsible for loss of personal items.
  • Respect the property of other students. Theft will not be tolerated.
  • The operation of a motor vehicle is prohibited while attending and participating in the program.
  • The parking of participant's parent or legal guardian's vehicle must be in accordance with Penn State DuBois parking regulations.

Disruptive behavior such as hitting, biting, name-calling, and destruction of property will not be tolerated. Behavioral problems will be handled as follows: Incident 1-warning and discussion with student; Incident 2-parent or legal guardian discussion; and Incident 3-student will be withdrawn from the program.




Print, complete, and return both forms below :

Youth Registration Form

Youth Program Health Services Medical Treatment Authorization

These forms available in alternate format, upon request.

Summer Youth Security Procedures

Information for Parents