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T3 - Train the Trainer

Organizations have a powerful need for training today and often use in-house “experts to do the training.  But, when the trainers can’t train, the learners don’t learn.  Trainers who don’t have training skills can’t get the knowledge or skills across to the trainees.  Without knowledge of adult learning theory and a structured approach to training, you tie up two people and frustrate both while losing time and money.  Does this sound like in-house training at your company?


Technical Skills for Your Employees


Technical skill employees are usually the “profit centers” of a business.  Whether on the production floor, in the laboratory or at the customer service desk, they need to know what to do and how to do it.  We can help you teach your employees the critical company-specific responsibilities.  When employees do the same task differently, confusion, conflict, down time, missed deliveries, and customer complaints can result.  It’s often worse when multiple shifts are involved.  Because employees are not completely and consistently trained, time, money and opportunities can be missed.