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Kids in College (Age 4 - Grade 6)

Monday - Thursday, June 13 - 16, 2016, 9:00AM - 11:30AM

Who Lives in the Ocean (Age 4 - Grade K), $84: Through stories, crafts, songs, and games, you will learn about some of the fascinating creatures that live in the ocean and at the beach!  Learn about people who make their home on islands and how their lives are tied to the awesome ocean.  Some activities may include making an octopus, creating a window of the ocean and playing beach blanket bingo.  Max. 12 students.

Space Explorers (Age 4 - Grade K), $84: Get ready for fun activities about space! In this class you will "explore" space through stories, crafts, and games.  Activities may include going on a space mission, making space rocks, viewing a star show and exploring the fun of "aliens." Let the countdown begin!  Max. 12 students.

CLOSED - LEGO® Camp I - Morning Camp (Grades 1-6), $89: Explore and challenge your creative potential for designing and building LEGO® structures and motorized machines.  Students will be divided into teams in order to explore exciting activities that will include all things LEGO®.  Activities could include using LEGO® building blocks, motorized LEGO®, Minecraft (for education), and EV3 LEGO® Robotics.  Challenges will be given each day that encourage students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills as they explore concepts in physics, architecture, and engineering.

CLOSED - LEGO® Camp II (Grades 1-6), $89: Same LEGO® Camp as morning but in the afternoon from 12:30PM - 3:00PM.

Ooze, Drip, Bubble, and Fizz (Grades 1-2), $84: Get ready for a fun-filled, creative, messy day! Let the sand ooze through your fingers as you design and build your own permanent castle.  Carefully drip the watercolors as you make a butterfly magnet. Have fun at the bubble pool and mix your own bubble solution.  Even build an erupting volcano!

Mummies, Tombs,  and Treasures (Grades 3-4), $84: Travel back in time and walk like an Egyptian! Learn about hieroglyphs and make a cartouche using the symbols of your name.  Explore pyramids and construct one to take home.  Play Egyptian board games such as Senet and Snakes.  Create other exciting Egyptian crafts as you dig into Egyptian life - we might even find a mummy or two!

Backyard Critters: Exploring and Protecting our Environment (Grades 5-6), $84: What can be found in your own backyard? How can we better protect our environment? Come and explore these questions through cool activities and games. Learn to identify trees, plants, and animals that are found around the campus - that also could be found in your own backyard! We'll discover a butterfly nursery and learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for butterflies and other critters.  We will come to understand how we can work towards protecting the environment just by making some simple and fun changes.  Come learn about our wonderful environment and how to be part of the solution.

Friday, June 17, 2016, 9:00AM - 1:00PM

The Engineer's Apprentice (Age 4 - Grade K), $49: Join us to imagine and play while testing some principles of engineering. We'll have a great time experimenting with different kinds of "building materials" like K’NEX®, LEGO®, Towerifics and more.  We’ll use conventional and unconventional materials to create our own structures and explore gear action, spinning, swinging, rotating, and linear motion. Pack a lunch!

Friday, June 17, 2016, 9:00AM - 2:30PM

Hop on the Wizardry Express (Grade 1 - 6), $59: Begin this magical camp with a short ceremony where you will be sorted into one of two Penn State "houses".  Attend classes such as charms and potions, and encounter a few surprises along the way.  Play a wizard-inspired sport and enjoy magical snacks that we create together.  Earn house points! Let's see which house wins the cup! Pack a lunch!

To register for Kids in College summer camps:

Print out, complete, sign, and return with payment, both the 2016 Summer Youth Registration Form and Youth Program Health Services Medical Treatment Authorization. Registrations are not complete until both forms are received at the address below:

Penn State DuBois Youth Programs

College Place

DuBois PA 15801

Fax: (814) 375-4859 • Phone: (814) 375-4772





Print, complete, and return both forms below :

Youth Registration Form

Youth Program Health Services Medical Treatment Authorization

These forms available in alternate format, upon request.

Summer Youth Security Procedures

Information for Parents