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Monday - Thursday, June 15 - 18, 2015, 9AM - 11:30AM - Register Here!

CLASS FULL/CLOSED The Engineer's Apprentice with LEGO®(Age 4 - Grade K), $84:  Join us to imagine and play while testing some principals of engineering. We'll have a great time experimenting with different kinds of "building materials" like K’NEX®, LEGO®, Towerifics and more.  We’ll use conventional and unconventional materials to create our own structures and explore gear action, spinning, swinging, rotating, and linear motion. Maximum 12 students.

African Animal Safari (Age 4 - Grade K), $84: Join us on an African Animal Safari.  We will be discovering which wild animals are native to Africa.  Posters, stories, games and art projects will help us create our journey.  Maximum 12 students.

CLASS FULL/CLOSED LEGO® Super Structures (Grades 1-2), $84: Come to this class ready to build-build-build! Use your imagination and creativity to design buildings using LEGO® blocks and continue to create your own world with LEGO® Minecraft. Sponsored by The Frank Varischetti Foundation.

CLASS FULL/CLOSED Silly Science (Grades 1-2), $84: Put scientific principals into action as you conduct goofy experiments! Sure to amaze you while teaching you science at the same time.


CLASS FULL/CLOSED Motorized LEGO® Lab (Grades 3-4), $84: Get ready to build, experiment, and explore with LEGO®!  Investigate how simple machines like pulleys, levers, wedges, inclined planes, axles, and screws can make nearly impossible tasks easy. Build and explore machines and mechanisms, calibrate and capture wind, and study gearing mechanisms with LEGO® Simple and Motorized Mechanisms.  Use skills you learn to invent a machine to do a simple task. 


CLASS FULL/CLOSED Bubble-ology (Grades 3-4) $84:  BLOWING, BOUNCING, BURSTING BUBBLES! You can blow bubbles bigger than your dog, pop a plastic bag with the power of fizz, and make your own light show with amazing bubble colors! Throughout the Bubble-ology class you are going to learn the science behind all these experiments, and become a certified Bubble-ologist! 


CLASS FULL/CLOSED Robotics with LEGO® (Grades 5-6) $84: Use your imagination to create fun and exotic machines to meet a multitude of mechanical challenges and tasks.  Construct LEGO® robots and machines to navigate obstacle courses, dance to music and perform simple tasks while learning problem solving skills and gaining experience in the field of robotics engineering.  Be inspired to use your creative juices in solving mechanical problems and having fun constructing machines and robots from scratch with LEGO® bricks and motors. Sponsored by Miller Welding and Machine Company.


CLASS FULL/CLOSED Mission Impossible (Grades 5-6) $84: As a special agent your assignment is to complete a number of missions involving science challenges.  Challenges include crime lab, roller coaster construction, naked egg drop, boat design and the land navigation course.  This course is guaranteed to stimulate the mind.  Come join the fun as you become a secret agent.

Friday, June 19, 2015, 9:00AM - 2:30PM - Register Here!

Jr. Scientist (Grades 1-2), $59: What happens when…?  What if we put…?  Join us to explore solids, liquids, gasses, and surface tension.  Come for fun experiments and concoctions!  Pack a healthy lunch!

Hop on the Wizardry Express (Grades 3-4), $59: Begin this magical camp with a short ceremony where you will be sorted into one of two Penn State “houses”.  Attend classes such as charms and potions, and encounter a few surprises along the way.  Play a wizard-inspired sport and enjoy magical snacks that we will create together.  Earn house points along the way!  Let’s see which house wins the cup!  Pack a healthy lunch!

Adventures of Tween Cuisine (Grades 5-6), $59: Calling all chefs! In this class you will learn basic cooking and baking skills, participate in a "chopped challenge", spend some time doing experiments with food, and turn food into art!  Please dress to get messy! Pack a healthy lunch!

Week Two

Monday - Thursday, June 22 - 25, 2015, 9AM - 11:30AM - Register Here!

All About Dinosaurs (Age 4 - Grade K), $84: Roar through the world of dinosaurs with hands on activities including art and science projects, songs, games, and stories.  Activities may include: create a fossil, go on a dinosaur hunt, and dinosaur bingo.  Max. 12 students.

Storybook Forest Fantasies (Age 4 - Grade K), $84: Do you dream of dragons and unicorns, trolls and fairies, knights and princesses, castles and enchanted forests? Explore storybook tales from far and near.  Make a pumpkin coach, a knight with armor, and a climbing jack.  Open your minds and let your imagination fly! Max. 12 students.


CLASS FULL/CLOSED Rainforest Ramble (Grades 1-2), $84: Join us for a week long Rainforest Ramble as we learn about the species and products of the rainforests.  We'll go frog hunting, grow jungle plants, make chocolate and chicle gum, visit a "Rainforest Store" and more!


Ocean Motion (Grades 1- 2), $84: Come under the sea with us.  We will learn about the sea life and will make fun crafts and cool snacks.  Learn about the various oceans in the world and the life that lives within.


CLASS FULL/CLOSED Ooey-Gooey Science (Grades 3-4) $84: Young scientists beware! This is a course that will keep you up to your elbows in goop! Old clothes are a must for this week of slimy concoction-making class. We will make some of your favorite gooey science concoctions including oobleck, gak, and latex rubber balls as we experiment with polymers. Glow-in-the dark slime and paint as well as experimenting with gel crystals will also be part of our experiments!


Ancient Egyptian Architecture (Grades 3-4), $84:  Experience ancient Egypt by learning about the art and architecture of that time.  Learn about Egyptian Pyramids, Temples, Sphinxes, Obelisks, Palaces and Tombs. Also, learn about archeological excavation.


Galactic Training Academy (Grades 5-6), $84: Spend time “in a galaxy far, far away” as you explore the secrets of your favorite galactic heroes. From ancient Greece to feudal Japan, from the Fiji Islands to ancient Egypt, you’ll discover how heroic stories and myths throughout history influenced the stories of George Lucas.


Let’s Face It (Grades 5-6), $84: Get up close and personal with faces, as you learn about the basic facial proportions artist have used for centuries to create thousands of portraits.  Find out fun facts about faces; make you own unique portraits; learn about famous artists and different styles of art.  This class gives you the chance to do all that while you gain experience with printmaking, painting, collage, and drawing.


Friday, June 26, 2015, 9:00AM - 2:30PM - Register Here!

Soccer Camp for Boys and Girls 9:00AM - 11:30 AM (Ages 4 - 8) $42: Come join the fun! This rewarding program provides your child with creative, simple play activities which enable your child to exercise and have fun with the world's most popular game - SOCCER! Great for beginners and experienced players alike.  Each participant receives a player evaluation and special prize.  Area Soccer Shots directors and experienced youth coaches, Franny and Eric Wales, bring their love of the game to this class.

Creatures of the Night (Grades 1 - 2), $59, Do you know any special creatures who whoo whooo only come out at night? Owls and Bats! "Batty" activities may include making a 3D bat, a bat puppet and using echo location skills to play bat tag.  Also learn fascinating facts about owls through stories, finger plays, games and crafts. Pack a healthy lunch!

Mad Scientist (Grades 3-4), $59:  Mad scientists wanted! Experiment with positively and negatively charged ions, explore Bernoulli's principle, use air pressure to race our own aircraft, combine acids and bases to launch our own rockets.  Create some Non-Newtonian fluids and polymer cool concoctions to take home!  Pack a healthy lunch!

Digital Photography (Grades 5-6), $59:  Bring your digital camera and cables that connect to the computer, take a few fun pictures, learn how to upload them, save them, retrieve them, burn to a CD.  Learn about cropping, changing skin color, morphing, etc. Pack a healthy lunch!

To register for Kids in College summer camps:

Print out, complete, sign, and return with payment, both the 2015 Summer Youth Registration Form and Youth Program Health Services Medical Treatment Authorization. Registrations are not complete until both forms are received at the address below:

Penn State DuBois Youth Programs

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Fax: (814) 375-4859 • Phone: (814) 375-4772





Print, complete, and return both forms below:

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