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Chemical Dependency Prevention and Counseling

This 18 credit certificate provides a focused academic background in the prevention and treatment of dependencies.  The coursework will introduce students to basic concepts related to drug and alcohol dependency, its prevention and treatment, and helping those with problems associated with chemical dependency.

Foundation Core Courses - 6 credits

**BB H 143 Drugs, Behavior, and Health (3 credits) Health aspects of use and abuse of licit and illicit drugs, related social problems and prevention. Designed for non-BB H majors.

CN ED 401 Foundations of Chemical Dependency Counseling (3 credits) An overview of diagnosis and assessment, models for chemical dependency prevention, counseling, and recovery; contexts of chemical dependency treatment. Prerequisite: 3 credits in general Psychology.

Prevention Courses* - 3 credits

HLHED 443 Alcohol and Drug Education (3 credits) Principles of integration and coordination of alcohol and drug education programs for health education and other social service professions. Prerequisite: permission of program.

*CN ED 421 Counseling Strategies for Preventing Chemical Dependency (3 credits) Examines helping professional's role in primary and secondary prevention of substance abuse, and related problems like delinquency, suicide, and pregnancy. Prerequisite: CN ED 401

Counseling Core Courses* - 9 credits

Must take 6 credits (2 courses)

RHS 301 Introduction to Counseling as a Profession (3 credits) Overview of the counseling theories that are often used in human service and rehabilitation practices.

CN ED 404 Group Procedures and Counseling (3 credits) The nature and functioning of groups in educational and agency settings. Provides prospective counselors with experience in the group process. Prerequisite: 6 credits in counselor education; 6 credits in psychology, sociology, or individual and family studies.

*HD FS 411 The Helping Relationship(3 credits) Theory and research related to interpersonal conditions which facilitate personal growth; intensive interpersonal competency training. Prerequisite: HD FS 311, HD FS 312W, or 6 credits in Human Development and Family Studies or Psychology

Must take 3 credits (1  course)

*CN ED 416 Interpersonal Relationships and Alcohol and Other Drugs (3 credits) This course examines families with chemically dependent members, dynamics, appropriate interventions, and treatment. Prerequisite: CN ED 401 OR CN ED 403 

*CN ED 420 Chemical Dependency: Youth at Risk  (3 credits) Study of youth who are at-risk of developing chemical dependency including the characteristics and factors related to chemical dependency. Prerequisite: CN ED 401

*CN ED 423 Student Assistance Program (3 credits) Exploration of early stages of adolescent "at-risk" behavior and skills for student assessment and intervention within schools and communities. Prerequisite: CN ED 401

*HD FS 414 Resolving Human Development and Family Problems (3 credits) Strategies for, and roles of professional specialists in, the solution of problems in human development and family functioning. Prerequisite: HD FS 312W, 6 credits in Human Development and Family Studies or Psychology.

*Students are responsible for completing any required prerequisite courses.

**HLHED 443 has been approved as a substitute for BB H 143 for post-baccalaureate students.