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For a printable version (PDF) of this certificate, click here.
The Technology Integration for K-12 Educators for Tomorrow (TICKET) Certificate offers the curriculum and training teachers need to incorporate technology into the teaching and learning process. Today’s teachers are responsible for preparing their students to live and work in a technological society.  As such, they need to be informed, literate, and comfortable with the use of technology in teaching.    Develop skills and competencies:
  • To use technology as a “thinking tool”
  • To incorporate Internet resources into the classroom
  • To ensure appropriate use of copyrighted material from Web sites and how and when to obtain copyright clearance
  • To design computer networks
  • To direct the use of video and hypermedia in the classroom
  • To coordinate technology in education
This certificate is designed to prepare classroom teachers to use technology effectively and efficiently in their classrooms.

Course Requirements (9 credits)   INSYS 400 INTRODUCTION TO INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY FOR EDUCATORS (3) Use of microcomputers, video, and other media in education; models use technologies including video, audio, print, computer, and telephone. Prerequisite: EDPSY 014. 

INSYS 446 COMPUTERS AS LEARNING TOOLS (3) Using software to support learning, including databases, spreadsheets, semantic networks, expert systems, hypermedia construction, modeling tools, and computer conferencing. 

INSYS 448 USING THE INTERNET IN THE CLASSROOM (3) This course introduces students to methods and models of using the Internet effectively in their classroom. Prerequisite: demonstrated Internet awareness.

INSYS 400 should be taken first then INSYS 446 or INSYS 448 and followed by any of the certificate program electives.

Electives (6 credits)

Two additional courses (6 credits) are required. For students entering the program after Summer 2002, one course must be taken online via Penn State’s World Campus. To receive a World Campus catalog, contact the Continuing Education Office or go to http://www.worldcampus.psu.edu/.

INSYS 441 DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, AND EVALUATION OF INTERNET RESOURCES (3) Design, production, and evaluation of instructional materials for delivery on the Internet. 

INSYS 447 INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN FOR MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES (3) State of the art multimedia technology hardware such as interactive video, CD-ROM and digitizing audio and video. 

INSYS 449 VIDEO AND HYPERMEDIA IN THE CLASSROOM (3) Skills and knowledge needed to direct the use of learning technologies in educational settings. Prerequisite: INSYS 415. 

INSYS 461 DESIGNING COMPUTER NETWORKS FOR EDUCATION (3) Applying fundamental concepts of computer networking to design effective networks for educational purposes. Prerequisite: INSYS 448. 

INSYS 462 COORDINATING TECHNOLOGY USE IN EDUCATION (3) Skills and knowledge needed to direct the use of learning technologies in educational settings. Prerequisite: INSYS 448. 

For a printable version (PDF) of this certificate, click here.
For more information, contact Penn State DuBois (814) 375-4759 or Penn State in St. Marys (814) 834-3593. 


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