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Dale R. Simbeck, 1969 Engineering Alumni

Dale R. Simbeck ’69 Engineering, is a partner and vice president of technology of SFA Pacific Inc., which he co-founded in 1980, and is an international expert in global climate change issues, CO2 mitigation, and clean energy technologies.

SFA Pacific specializes in evaluation services in the oil refining, power generation, environmental control, petrochemical and renewable energy industries. The company has provided technical consulting services and conducted in-depth multi-client programs and reports addressing global and regional issues in fuels, chemicals, and electric power to individual companies; government entities including Australia, China, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Qatar, New Zealand and the United States; and universities including Princeton, Pitt, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford.

A high point of Simbeck’s career came in 2007 when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Vice President Al Gore Jr. Simbeck was one of the lead authors on the 2005 IPCC Special Report on CO2 Capture and Storage.

In addition to the IPCC report, Simbeck has authored numerous professional publications and technical reports and has made many national and international presentations on the technical and economic challenges of CO2 mitigation and clean energy technologies, including keynote presentations at the Gasification Technology Conference, the International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies, and the International Fluidized Bed Combustion Conference.

Simbeck is an advisor to the Canadian Clean Power Coalition and a member of the External Advisory Board to both the MIT Energy Lab and the energy industry CO2 Capture Project.

A life member of the Penn State Alumni Association, he and his wife, Marilyn, live in Palo Alto, Calif. Their Son, Rick, and his wife, Mei, also live in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Christina Voorhees, 1997 Wildlife Technology Graduate

Christina Voorhees ’97 WLT is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® with experience in the fields of wildlife management, human dimensions of natural resources, and recreation management.  Chris received an Associate Degree in Wildlife Technology from Penn State DuBois, a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Science from Virginia Tech, Master of Science in Forest Resources from Penn State, and a Ph.D in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management from Penn State.  Her education and professional experiences have focused on biological and human dimensions research associated with the management of both game and non-game species.

Christina has worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Penn State University, Devine, Tarbell, & Associates, and CalPoly University.  Her field experience includes bat mist netting, bird and herp surveys, small mammal trapping, elk and grouse radio-telemetry, and a variety of deer management projects.  In addition, Christina has 10 years of experience in human dimensions research focusing on deer management, hunting, and recreational visitor use assessments.

Christina is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Wildlife Specialists, LLC, a natural resource consulting company that primarily provides support to the energy development industry.   Her role is to develop and maintain client relations, manage staff, and coordinate projects.  Christina also holds several volunteer positions in the wildlife community.

She is an At-Large Board Member of the PA Chapter of the Wildlife Society, a member of Mammal Technical Committee of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey, and serves on the advisory board for the Penn State DuBois Wildlife Technology Program.


 _________________________Charles E. Snapp, 1963 Penn State DuBois Alumni and Missy Duttry, Director of Enrollment Services

Charles E. Snapp was born in Kane, PA and raised in Mount Jewett, PA. He was the co-winner of the Joseph Harre Citizenship Award at his 1960 graduation from Kane Area High School. Upon graduation he enrolled at Penn State DuBois were he received an Accounting Degree in December of 1963.  Employed by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, he worked for thirty years as a Field Auditor, retiring in 1994.
Charles is a past member of the Lions Club, he served the club as secretary for four years.  He is a life member of the American Association of Individual Investors. As a dedicated advocate of education he has established two scholarships which benefit Penn State DuBois students. The Charles E. and Charlotte J. Snapp Memorial Trustee Scholarship, which was established in his parents’ honor, is awarded primarily to business students. The Fred D. Falkinburg Trustee Scholarship, named after his cousin, assists forestry program students. Charles is a member of the Mount Nittany Society and the Presidents Club. As a current committee member of  For the Future; the Campaign for Penn State Students, he serves on the Alumni Subcommittee. He also works closely with faculty from our Wildlife Department on research related to land and forest preservation. Charles enjoys spending the winter in Florida and planning his next project at his home in Mount Jewett.


_____________________________Stacie L. Peles, 2005 Business Administration Graduate and Laurie Powers-Breakey, Senior Instructor in Business Administration

Stacie L. Peles graduated from Penn State DuBois in May of 2005 with a B.S. in Business Administration. Following her love for racing, Stacie is currently an account executive for Motorsports Authentics in North Carolina where she is responsible for $1.2 million in sales revenue. Prior to working with Motorsports she was an Instructor of Marketing for Cambria-Rowe Business College and created, designed, and presented a presentation at the 2007 Best Practices Seminar, presented by The Pacific Institute. Stacie is very dedicated to Penn State DuBois and has founded and continues to support an annual award, The Penny Mowery Memorial Award, presented during convocation.


____________________________________  PSU Auditorium DuBois Almuni, Anita McDonald, Joe Hummer, Bryan Burhans, Howard Allen, Rebecca Pennington, Louis Richards


C. Howard Allen, is a 2001 Penn State graduate with a B.S. in Business Management. Howard is a resident of DuBois where he is a facility manager with Wal-Mart. He played an integral role in the planning and organizational efforts to open the new Wal-Mart Supercenter in DuBois, where he supervises more than 300 employees. Howard has received recognition and awards from Wal-Mart including the Market Human Resource Manager of the Year Award for the Pennsylvania Region in 2008 and the 2009 Human Resource Delta Award. Howard has also been recognized by Wal-Mart corporate headquarters for adopting and implementing a new accounting process.
Additionally, he holds lifetime memberships with the Penn State Alumni  Association, Delta Mu Sigma Honor Society, and Boy Scouts of America. Service to his community includes initiating a Veterans Outreach Program with the Pittsburgh Veterans Administration and building a partnership between Wal-Mart and the Greater Allegheny County Food Bank. Howard has also served as a Director on the Penn State DuBois Alumni Society Board.




Bryan Burhans, a 1987 PSU DuBois graduate with an Associate Degree in Wildlife Technology, and a 1992 PSU University Park graduate with a B.S. in Wildlife ScienceBryan Burhans is a 1987 Penn State DuBois graduate with an Associate Degree in Wildlife Technology, and a 1992 Penn State University Park graduate with a B.S. in Wildlife Science. He received his M.S. from the   University of Maryland Appalachian Environmental Laboratory at Frostburg State University in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. Bryan currently lives in Asheville, NC where he is president and CEO of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), and a certified wildlife biologist. Through his work with the groundbreaking efforts of TACF, a rebirth of the American Chestnut Tree may soon be a reality. Prior to leading TACF’s mission he was the Director of Land Management Programs for the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Bryan has a rich history with Penn State DuBois, not only as a student, but also has an instructor in Wildlife Technology in 1988 and 1990. He has also been a consultant with our Wildlife Technology faculty on curriculum, and was selected as the 2010 Umbaugh Lecturer at Penn State DuBois this past April.

His professional accomplishments include, but are not limited to, chairing The Wildlife Society’s Forest and Wildlife Committee, recipient of the 2005 Harry Hardtner award presented by the Southern Group of State Foresters, recognizing outstanding leadership in forest management, and publishing over sixty magazine and newspaper articles dealing with wildlife management, conservation, and hunting. He is also a certified prescribed burn      manager for South Carolina and Florida.



Michael Dugan is a 1968 graduate of Penn State DuBois with an  Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. His Bachelor of Technology is from Rochester Institute of Technology. Michael currently resides in Colorado. Recently out of retirement, he returned to EchoStar Communications Corporation as President and CEO.
Michael Dugan was appointed EchoStar Corporation’s CEO and President in November 2008 to lead EchoStar’s business initiatives in satellite services delivery, set-top box development and sales, and international expansion. He’s responsible for the overall success of the company’s three subsidiaries: EchoStar Satellite Services, EchoStar International, and EchoStar Technologies and its Sling   Media.
Michael began his EchoStar career as Vice President of Engineering in 1990 and is credited as the chief architect behind much of the   technological foundation for EchoStar set-top boxes and DISH Network’s pay TV broadcast services. EchoStar spun off from DISH Network in January 2008.
Michael has been a member of EchoStar’s Board of Directors since 2002, first at DISH Network and then later joining the EchoStar Board of Directors at the time of the spin-off in January 2008. From April 2000 to May 2004, he was President and Chief Operating     Officer of DISH Network. From 2004 to 2008, he served as a senior advisor to DISH Network and EchoStar.
Michael is very proud of his degree from Penn State DuBois and continues to be connected to the campus. He was the May 2000 commencement speaker for Penn State DuBois where he shared his Eight Rules of Success with the graduating class. In 2001 he received the highest honor bestowed by the Alumni Association, the Alumni Fellow Award. He continues to consult closely with the Chancellor regarding various topics of interest.



From Left: Dave Davolt, Internship Supervisor; Brooke Greathouse, intern; Joe Beno, electrician and mentor to Greathouse stand in front of a large coil of galvanized steelStudent Interns with USA’s Largest Steel Producer,
Finds Path to Success

Armorel, Arkansas – Well before her own graduation, Penn State DuBois engineering student Brooke Greathouse is already working for one of the largest companies that employs people in her field.  This summer, the DuBois native who is earning a degree in Electrical Engineering, is an electrical maintenance intern with Nucor, the country’s largest producer of steel.

Greathouse is interning at Nucor’s Armorel, Arkansas location.  It is just one of many of Nucor’s facilities throughout the nation, and around the globe that contribute to the company’s annual production of 26 million tons of steel, which is used in building construction, and purchased by other manufacturers to make numerous other steel products.  For Greathouse, it’s the opportunity to get hands-on experience that will help her decide where she wants to take her career.  Since she hasn't yet entered a concentration for her engineering degree, the internship has given Greathouse some guidance on what she should focus on in her education. 

"I would have missed out on so much if I didn't take this internship.  I wouldn't have had the actual work experience, and having that before even starting my main classes is really helping me find the path that I want to travel on," Greathouse said.  "Without this internship, it's possible that I could have chosen the wrong concentration for my major. I am so lucky and very thankful that Nucor and Penn State DuBois gave me this opportunity. It has really helped shape my personality, my future, and my life in general."

"Brooke was unique in that she accepted an electrical internship without having very much, if any, electrical training," said Brooke's internship supervisor at Nucor, Dave Davolt.  "We knew one of the things Brooke wanted to get out of her internship was to better decide which direction to steer her education.  Therefore, we provided Brooke with opportunities to experience several different aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering, maintenance, repair and operations."
To gain all of this experience, Greathouse is updating electrical components of equipment in Nucor’s plant, exploring ways to install work lights for some of the machinery, and making the rounds with electricians who help to keep the plant running smoothly with regular maintenance.

"When I arrived in May I was given a couple small projects to work on throughout the summer," Greathouse said, "It is solely up to me to make sure that these tasks get finished. I'm learning how to keep a project organized, make sure I have all the information needed, research my options as much as possible before making a choice, and how to communicate my ideas to others. I've even learned how to adjust from college to work, putting my education to good use." 

Greathouse said she has had such a positive experience with Nucor that she believes the company could provide the future career she's looking for.  She said, "I always knew that I wanted to work somewhere that offered two things: One, the opportunity to put both my mechanical and electrical abilities to good use; and two, the opportunity to be out in the field often, actually working on things, not just sitting in an office all day. Over the summer I have easily found that Nucor holds both of these traits and so much more. I would love to continue my time here at Nucor during future summers, and hopefully make a career out of it."

As impressed as Greathouse has been with Nucor, Davolt said Nucor is also impressed with what this intern has brought to the table.  He stated, "Our interns and co-ops are given the same responsibility as Nucor teammates.  After safety training, they hit the ground running. We expect them to apply themselves to the best of their ability and contribute to the success of Nucor, and Brooke has done a great job since she’s been here."

Greathouse's engineering professor at Penn State DuBois, Craig Stinger, said this is the kind of internship experience every student should have, and it's what he strives to provide for each student.  He said it is one of the most important parts of their education. 

"Internships provide valuable real-world training where students can get a firsthand look at how their Penn State education fits an industry.  It is a great résumé builder, and allows the students an early chance to get a feel for what they might encounter after graduation when they work for a company," Stringer said.  "In today’s competitive job market, grades are only a part of the equation when finding a job; job experience goes a long way when discussing future employment prospects."

Greathouse will complete her summer internship with Nucor in August.  BrookeGreathouse