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The Lion Ambassadors are constantly active in events that aid in the recruitment and retention strategies on campus.  These events are held continuously throughout each semester.  There are numerous summer events as well.

The following are some of the events that the Lion Ambassadors assist with:

  • Fall Visitation Day
  • Spring Visitation Day
  • Expos
  • Phonathons
  • Offer Receptions
  • Spend A Summer Day
  • Spend A Summer Evening
  • Commencement
  • High School Visitations with Admissions Staff
  • Tours of the Campus
  • Program Visitation Days
  • Conferences
  • Student Life Events


Frequent Service Miles

Each event has a certain number of points (or miles) that the Lion Ambassador may earn.  The points scale is dependent upon the degree of commitment required by the Ambassador.  Once the Lion Ambassador reaches a certain number of "miles", they may redeem their "miles" for a reward or they may pass and keep their points to work towards the next level.  Each level has a certain redemption value and the higher the redemption value the more valuable the reward.

The redemption value is as follows:

75 miles...........1 free lunch in the cafeteria

125 miles........2 free movie tickets from the Student Life Office

175 miles........$15.00 gift certificate to the Penn State Bookstore

Points may be taken away if a Lion Ambassador is a "no-show" or if they do not have satisfactory performance at the event they chose to help with.