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Healthcare business professional looking up at camera while working in a group of healthcare staff and doctors
The DuBois campus is happy to announce that Penn Highlands Healthcare in DuBois, Clearfield, Brookville and St. Marys will be offering these Penn State students an internship experience at one of their Centers or Healthcare Offices.


New this Fall - 2014 semester

Penn State DuBois students working in the 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Business (BSBCC) can chose to complete their option studying Health Services (through the Individualized Options track).  This option prepares students to pursue careers in the health services sector with emphasis on the organizational, management and administrative aspects of health care enterprises. 

Leads to Local, Regional and National Job Opportunities

The Health Services option in the BSBCC degree allows a student to focus on studying and gaining real-world experience in the rapidly growing healthcare and health service industry.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that 296,900 jobs were added to the healthcare sector in 2011. 16% of jobs in Clearfield and neighboring counties are in the healthcare field (Healthcare - North Central WIA, 2011). According to the North Central Workforce Investment Board of Pennsylvania, the healthcare industry is one of the "High Priority Occupations" areas in need of more educated and skilled workers to fill annual job openings across North Central Pennsylvania.

Health Policy and Administration classes

This is a unique opportunity for a Business student to select this option and to study in Health Policy and Administration (HPA) classes at Penn State.  HPA classes prepare students for management and policy positions or graduate study in the field of health care. Students in the major develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand the complex societal problem of providing access to quality health care at reasonable cost.

Internship opportunities with healthcare or service organizations, including Penn Highlands Healthcare

All BSBCC students must complete a credited internship (BA 495A) before graduation.  In the Health Services option, students complete an internship in a health-care-related setting, such as a health care provider, health insurer, consultant, supply company or public health service organization, giving them valuable experience and contacts in the industry.  The DuBois campus is happy to announce that Penn Highlands Healthcare in DuBois, Clearfield, Brookville and St. Marys will be offering these Penn State students an internship experience at one of their Centers or Healthcare Offices.

Career Options in the healthcare industry with a Penn State business degree

Students who successfully complete this option will have a plethora of job opportunities to consider in the industry.  Some of those jobs include, but are not limited to, (1) health care providers (hospitals, physician practices, nursing facilities, home health agencies, etc.); (2) health insurers (nonprofit and commercial insurers, health maintenance organizations, etc.); (3) health care consultants; (4) health care supply companies (pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, etc.); (5) health services research and policy organizations (health policy research groups, industry trade groups, etc.); and (6) local, state, and federal health agencies (local health departments, state Department of Health, federal Department of Health and Human Services, etc.). BSBCC students may also consider to prepare for graduate study in business, law, medicine or allied health fields, health administration, health services research or policy, and public health. Penn State Master of Health Administration (MHA) program

Academic Requirements toward completing the Health Services Option: 

HEALTH SERVICES OPTION: (18 credits) (Minimum 6 credits at the 400-level)


  • H P A 101 (3 credits) (Semester recommended to complete: 5th-6th) Introduction to Health Services Organization: Examination of the social, political, historic, and scientific factors in the development and organization of health services.
  • H P A 332 (3 credits) (Sem: 5-8) Health Systems Management: Introduction to and analysis of managerial roles and practices in health service organizations. Prerequisite - H P A 101.   


Select 0-3 credits from BB H 302(3), CAS 352(3), CAS 404(3), ENGL 416(3), ENGL 419(3), LER 424(3), LER 472(3), PSYCH 281 GS(3), PSYCH 484(3), or PSYCH 485(3) (Sem: 5-8). For university course descriptions, refer to University Course Descriptions


Select 3-9 credits from 300 or 400-level H P A courses (Sem: 5-8) Select 0-6 credits of 300-400-level courses from ACCTG, B A, ECON, ENTR, FIN, FINSV, H P A, I B, MGMT, MKTG, MIS, R M or SCM (Sem: 6-8). For university course descriptions, refer to University Course Descriptions

INTERNSHIP (1-12 credits)

B A 495A - Students enrolled in the 4-year Baccalaureate Degree in Business Administration (BSBCC) program at Penn State DuBois are required to complete a 240 hour internship (B A 495A). Penn State is implementing this internship program with the intention of enriching the academic and practical educational experience of BSBCC majors, while providing a valuable resource/service to the many organizations that comprise our service area. Students are required to complete all Prescribed Courses before starting the Internship.  

Current Business Students Interested in Starting Option

Students need to complete the Prescribed Courses of HPA 101 (3cr) and HPA 332 (3cr) in order to start an internship at Penn Highlands Healthcare, or at another healthcare or health services organization. Click here to learn more and how to sign up for HPA 101 this fall.


For students interested in this option, please contact

Laurie Breakey
Senior Instructor in Business Administration
171 Smeal Building
College Place
DuBois, PA 15801