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2PTA Students Admissions Criteria for the PTA Program

Two Students in the PTA Lab examining skeletal structure with instructor Barbara Reinard
  • When an inquiry is received, information regarding the PTA Program and the University in general is sent to the interested individual by the Office of Admissions.
  • Applicants must submit a general application to the Pennsylvania State University and the application fee.
  • Applicants are screened by the Admission’s Committee.  Applicants who do not meet Admission criteria are denied admission and, therefore, are not eligible for admission to the Program.  Entering freshmen meeting the admissions criteria, currently a 2.8 or above on the evaluation index (the index is a combination of high school GPA, standardized test scores and performance in math and science courses)  will be offered 2PTA per University policy.   It is a campus  decision whether to refer applicants with less than the  pre-set evaluation index to provisional status or to an alternate associate degree program (i.e. 2LACC) with the goal of entrance to 2PTA in the Spring semester and pending successful completion of BIOL129 (with a minimum grade of a “C”).  All applicants who are admitted to the university are eligible for consideration for admission into the PTA Program.
  • Students requesting 2PTA through re-enrollment, change of major, or advanced standing admission will be approved if they have met the current requirement of a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average.  Exceptions may be made on an individual basis and students must have solid academic performance in science courses to be considered.  Change of Major students or Provisional to Degree students must be approved by the Enrollment Manager and the Program Coordinator.  Approval for changes in the GPA requirement will be sought from the Director of Academic Services at University Park before  implementation.
  • The Campus Registrar (for re-enrollments and changes of major) and Campus Enrollment Manager (for provisional/non-degree to degree and advanced standing) will notify the Program Coordinator of all students approved to enter 2PTA per approved  criteria.
  • The Physical Therapy Assistant Program is a Fall-start ONLY program. Penn State DuBois highly recommends applications are on file by November 30th for the following Fall semester.
  • Anatomy/Physiology course credit may be transferrable from another institution if a grade of "C" was achieved, and if the course was taken within the past 3 calendar years.  If greater than 3 years has lapsed since the student has taken anatomy/physiology at any university, the student will be required to retake the courses as part of the PTA program requirements.

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