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Dr. Byron Parizek with a student standing at the Continental Divide 


Dr. Byron R. Parizek has been at Penn State DuBois since 2007 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Geosciences. His research interests relate to physical processes in the Earth sciences. These include cryospheric dynamics, thermomechanical numerical modeling of ice sheets, cryospheric-oceanic-atmospheric interactions (paleo, modern, and projected future), ice sheets and neotectonics, subglacial and ice-surface hydrology, and the projected impacts of global warming on ice-sheet dynamics and eustatic sea level. In addition to glaciological studies, he also has many years of experience in hydrogeology. Mathematically, he applies computational techniques to investigate these coupled physical processes.

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Dr. Byron R. Parizek

Assistant Professor of Geosciences and of Mathematics


Research Interests

Cryospheric Dynamics

Thermomechanical Numerical Modeling of Ice Sheets


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