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Clinical Education

Students are required to complete 15 weeks (40 hours/week) of clinical work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant. Students will assist in delivering patient care, documenting patient information, and interacting with other health care professionals.

The first three weeks of clinical experiences are done at the end of the fourth semester. The classes during this semester are shortened to 12 weeks to allow for three weeks of clinical experience. This 120-hour clinical experience, PT 395E, allows students to get an inside view of clinical work before completing their last semester of coursework.

 PT 395F consists of six weeks of clinical experience during the fifth semester. This course requires 240 hours of clinic work.

 PT 395G consists of 240 hours of clinic work, which begins immediately following PT 395F.

The three clinical experiences are performed in different facilities/departments. Students may be assigned to outpatient departments, hospitals, nursing facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, pediatric clinics, and other settings.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from all clinics to which they are assigned.

Students are financially responsible for the cost of:

  • Any required uniforms/ lab jackets and meals while at the clinics
  • Liability insurance and a nametag
  • Physical examinations, medical tests, and legal clearances as required by the University and clinical facilities

Along with treating patients, students also have written assignments and in-services to deliver during clinical experiences. Details are given in class prior to beginning clinical work.


Clinical Education Manual