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The majority of students who enter Penn State each year are uncertain about a major and about 80 percent expect to change majors at least once during their academic careers. The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) provides dedicated advising that helps undecided students develop self-knowledge, expand their academic potential, and make intelligent choices about their major fields of study. 
DUS coordinates all campus advising activity in cooperation with faculty advisors. DUS offers guidance and helps interpret University policies and requirements as students learn how to select appropriate courses and clarify their academic goals. 
All enrolled students can request academic information and assistance with educational planning from DUS. Students do not have to be enrolled in DUS to receive these services. 
An important activity of DUS is the Freshman Testing, Counseling, and Advising Program (FTCAP). FTCAP is the first important step in preparing entering students for academic success. FTCAP provides placement testing in English, mathematics, and chemistry and offers extensive academic orientation during the summer that can include a student's parents or spouse.