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These resources are available for your teaching needs at the DuBois campus.  Those marked with an * are in the IDS Office.

  • LB2331.6.H69 2001  
    How accreditation influences assessment / James L. Ratcliff, Edward S. Lubinescu, Maureen A. Gaffney, editors.
  • * ISBN: 1-55542-500-3
    Classroom Assessment Techniques:  A Handbook for College Teachers, by T. Angelo and K.P. Cross  (2 copies on-hand)
  • * ISBN:  0-205-28738-7
    Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses:  Shifting the Focus from Teaching to Learning.  Mary E.  Huba & Jann E. Freed.  2000.

Active, Collaborative and Cooperative Learning

  • LB1032.I498 1995
    Interactive learning in the higher education classroom : cooperative, collaborative, and active learning strategies
    / Harvey C. Foyle, editor.
  • LB2331.M4816 1998   
    Cooperative learning for higher education faculty / Barbara J. Millis and Philip G. Cottell, Jr.
  • * ISBN: 1-57922-037-1
    The Power of Problem-Based Learning /Barbara J. Duch, Susan E. Groh, and Deborah E. Allan
  • * ISBN: 0-7879-4458-0
    Discussion as a Way of Teaching. Tools and Techniques for Democratice Classrooms. Stephen D. Brookfield, and Stephen Preskill. 

Online teaching

  • LB2395.7.K6 2001
    Teaching Online:  A Practical Guide
  • * NEW ARRIVAL ISBN 0-7879-6343-7
    Assessment Strategies for the On-Line Course From Theory to Practice - New Directions for Teaching and
    Learning #91
    .  Rebecca Anderson, John Bauer, Bruce W. Speck, Editors.  September 2002
  • * ISBN 0-7879-4460-2 
    Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace: Effective Strategies for the Online Classroom.  Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt.  1999.

Teaching and Learning

  • LB1065.A477 1999 
    Motivation for achievement : possibilities for teaching and learning / M. Kay Alderman.

  • * LB2331.73.P4P462 1997   
    The Penn State teacher II : learning to teach, teaching to learn / y Diane M. Enerson, R. Neill Johnson, Susannah Milner, Kathryn M. Plank., Enerson, Diane M.

  • * ISBN: 0-395-90345-9
    Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers / Tenth Ed., Wilbert J. McKeachie 

  • * ISBN: 1-889271-29-2
    Using National Newspapers in the College Classroom: Resources to Improve Teaching and Learning / Steven R. Knowlton and Betsy O. Barefoot.

Teaching and Learning Portfolios (on reserve in the DuBois library for faculty check out)

  • LB2333.C36 1993   
    Anderson, E. (1993). Campus use of the Teaching Portfolio: Twenty five portfolios.  Washington, D.C.: American Association for Higher Education.

  • LB2333.E33 1991   
    Edgerton, R., P. Hutchings, and K. Quinlan. (1991). The Teaching Portfolio: Capturing the Scholarship in Teaching. Washington, D.C.: American Association for Higher Education.

  • LB2333.C68 1998   
    Hutchings, Pat. (1998). The Course Portfolio: How faculty can examine their teaching to advance practice and improve student learning. Washington, D.C.: American Association for Higher Education.