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What is FYS?

The FYS has faculty integrating a 3 +1 model into General Education courses. First Year Seminars (FYS) details for the Commonwealth College.

Who is participating at DuBois?

Faculty from the DuBois Campus who will be teaching an FYS component include:  Paul Fehrenbach, Sally Crandall, Daniel Lee, Jim May, John Vargas, Jackie Atkins, Mary Mino, Tony Vallone, and Audrey Bollinger. 

An instructor and student manual specifically geared toward First Year Seminars is available in the IDS office. 

Dr. Maureen Horan will be the FYS Coordinator in Dr. Daniel Lee's absence.  Please contact her for information until the start of the Fall 2005 semester with any questions.

*Special Note: Daniel Lee, FYS coordinator for DuBois Campus and assistant professor of sociology has led the creation of vignettes that deal with issues facing students, and provide a medium for discussion on such issues as diversity, stress and work overload, integrity and ethics, and collaboration with other students.  These are located at: Talking about problems in college